I'm following an unsigned 8-bit integer's worth amount of people now.

What other fields, other than computer science and mathematics, have so many significant numbers that would go over the heads of anyone not in the know? I feel like I'm in some special numbers club all the time.

Does this make Snapchat Pac-Man?  Is the Snapchat "crown" really a Pac-ghost?

@camedei456 im sorry i dont use proprietary software so i cant answer that question

one time a really attractive girl asked me to netflix and chill but i said no because netflix violates a person's basic freedoms, just like richy stallperson would have.

That's why I only watch Netflix Web-DLs.
Also, Tubi along with PlutoTV & Xumo respect freedoms more.  I guess free is better than paid.

@camedei456 yeah but who's going to "PlutoTV and chill?"

There are people who use PlutoTV for background noise.
Also, there's a 24-hour anime channel on Pluto.

@wizard why they have to bow down into the amount limit rather than their data structure to store each member of the group

@yuritentacion Speculating here, but maybe it's an optimization to save memory. Lots of people do use WhatsApp, so if they can save a few bucks on memory then :shrug:. I guess it's really impossible to know without knowing more about the stack.

@wizard also join us for our next article, "what is 'computer' , anyway?" :doge:

@wizard trying to bend my brain to forget that that's a power of two and see it as a weird number... i just can't do it

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