@kahasi Awake, against my better judgement, but otherwise having fun doing some drawing. How about you?

@poorlifechoices just ate breakfast. Time to find something to do.

@kahasi :blobcatthink: Hmmm... Lemme do some research.

🔭 :blobcat:

⚗️ :blobcatscience:

🔬 :blobcatowoevil:

Looking at the results, the data suggest that you should do fun things. :blobcatrainbow:

@kahasi Of course it is. It's scientifically proven by the brightest mind in our world: :blobcatscience:

@kahasi she has an expression on her face like she's on the toilet having the absolute best shit of her life 👌

I guess I'm weird huh

@fristi Hahaha I'm gonna be real I usually have the same face of absolute contentment when I take a huge dump.

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