I just had a high thought: you know how sexist men use biological determinism to justify gender roles by saying cavemen hunted and cavewomen gathered at home?

Uhhh…do we only have evidence of males hunting? Do we have _any_ evidence of the specific sex of the prehistoric hunters? If so, even their biological determinism is based on feels over facts.

@ilovecomputers I feel like much of our understanding of how things work from even as recent as 25 years ago seems very full of things we make up in oder to paint the past into what we see as a better light. Unless there's archeological evidence that we in modern times can point to and make conclusions from, then it's just assumption. Just because someone a hundred years ago drew a conclusion about a group of people from 300 years before them doesn't mean their conclusion is right, even if we want to believe it.

To truly answer your question, not as far as I know. We may have made that idea up in order to make the past fit into our modern cultural lense.

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