"Over the next decade, Generation X will inherit control of states and other major institutions from the Baby Boomers. The subcultural mode is native for Generation X—which suggests that politics may soon shift toward a more Archipelagian, and less polarized, model."
- #DavidChapman

I've seen it suggested that the Millenials, like the Boomers, are a population bulge, meaning that there will never be a time when Gen X has anywhere near a majority in electoral politics. In this model, as the Boomers decline, Gen X is skipped and the torch of power over social and political institutions is passed directly to Millenials, who seem to be just as polarized as Boomers, if not more so.

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@strypey feels pretty hopeless. Combined with the increasing difficulty of leveling up to stage4 and unlocking systematic mode, it seems like our civilization is doomed to fail.

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we have already had Gen X'ers in power in the UK during the Cameron era, they made a bloody awful mess of things.

Mark Rutte (NL) is Gen X, so is Emmanuel Macron (FR). There are probably others elsewhere in Europe.

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btw. what generation am I, considering that I was born in the 90s, and spent my youth on web forums, which were more-or-less subcultures?


Gen Y / Millenial. Although polarisation exists amongst this age group, I also have a lot more hope that younger generations are genuinely sincere in what they believe in and at least half of them do believe in a more positive future.

Eg a decade ago school kids in my region were refusing to let off plastic balloons near the North Sea due to the environment pollution. These kids are todays teenagers and young adults..


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meanwhile, by the end of high school, I became fed up with the environment protection propaganda, especially in English textbooks.

And what do my peers believe? From my experience, it's either of:
- this new development in my field is so cool, let's apply it to every possible usecase!!1 (hype)
- that stupid university teacher came up with a stupid assignment again that has no use in real life, and is obviously gonna require it on his stupid exam; by boss told me that he could do better the thing I spend whole week doing; this new flat we moved to sucks; everything sucks, my life sucks (chronic stress, depression?)

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AFAIK there isn't as much pro-environment propaganda in UK textbooks, what was interesting round here is the kids *genuinely* wanted to clean up the coastal areas (they live there and see the impact at first hand)!

The angst and depression was also a big factor of Gen X, we often copied with it through drugs/booze/hedonism. this last bit is slightly less common amongst Gen Y (which might well be a positive thing..)

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could it be that Poland is 1 generation behind? Cause I know that back in junior-high, plenty of my classmates would drink and smoke, and there's rumor they were also using other psychoactive drugs.


would say maybe just a decade than an entire generation, and I suspect modern Millenials *do* still want to party and get high but realise the risks often outweigh the benefits (especially getting shamed on social media and/or busted by authorities as much as health concerns..). It does mean Millenials are less distracted and more likely to take action about social issues they do not like (I do accept that this can go "both ways")


The trouble with trying to have these discussions are that we're scrying for patterns in a whole world of social noise. Also, all models are wrong, but some models are useful. The model of distinct "generations" is wrong. Keegan's model is wrong. Chapman's model is wrong, and he reminds his readers of this in his own writing about it. These models can be useful as scrying tools but not in the deterministic 'if this then that' way of arithmetic or basic physics or chemistry.
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Remember Goedel's Incompleteness theorem?

Any model that can express arithmetic can't be complete and consistent at the same time.

That'd mean even arithmetic is wrong, as in, it doesn't apply to all situations.

Most of theories in physics are also just tools. g=10m/s^2 ? Works well for light objects near Earth surface. In other cases, you need a better tool, like F=GMm/r^2, or even general relativity... or even quantum gravity which we don't have yet.

Now that I think of it, physicists probably gave it easier to get into stage 5 and learn to use fluid mode.

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btw. at one point I thought it'd be fun to try to implement arithmetic on top of good/bad valuations in some existing ideology, but then I realized that "everything bad is because of $theEnemy" is not too much an ideology, and people who use it may not comprehend systematic mode, so they probably wouldn't give a shit about theoretical contradictions.

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