Is it bad that I stick to the same installation of the same distro for years?

@jkb it's ArchLinux. It's a rolling release.

@Wolf480pl Well then I guess you're fine F O R E V E R.

@Wolf480pl It’s funny to me that you’d even ask this because I constantly feel foolish for my distrohopping. Cx

Well, the thing is, most of my friends are distro-hopping to a certain extent, and to me it seems like a nuisance, but maybe there's something I'm not aware of...

@Wolf480pl I do it because I wanna play with other systems. Cx

@slightlyflightyone cool! Maybe I'd do that too if I had time.

Unfortunately, some of my friends keep switching distros not because of curiosity, but because they can't find one that they'd be satisfied with.

@Wolf480pl Gentoo is my home. I don’t worry about that much. 🙂

It feels really good to just have your trusty OS, which you know and take care of

However it might be good to do a cleanup from time to time. Even if you're on a rolling release, one day you might say, that luks on lvm is better that lvm on luks, or some other thing like that.
Getting to know different package managers/init system, or general stuff, is probably good too. But that is for professional learning, and not for personal installation.

>Ubuntu 14.04

you know what, I may actually have one somewhere...

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