I've been using Microsoft Arc Touch mouse for the past three years. Love its design and ergonomics. Say what you want about Microsoft, but their accessories are the best.

@newt I think Microsoft's greatest achievement is the wired Xbox 360 gamepad
That shit is maybe the best gamepad ever made

I think they've petered off in recent years though, the xbox one's gamepad isn't as good (though it does have a better d-pad)

@Ocean22 can't comment, I've never played an xbox in my life. I used to have a PS3 though, and its gamepad was quite decent.

@newt Nahh the xbox gamepad is best used on PC
You can just grab one off amazon or something and plug it in to play PC games it's guud

I'm actually quite partial to the dualshock 4 myself, but the 360 controller is def. a classic.


@usdcollector @newt I really really dislike the PS4 gamepad honestly
The start button is way too close to that pad thing in the middle, I dislike the d-pad and then sticks are in a bad position

@Ocean22 @newt @usdcollector sticks are in good position, and dpad is just great, unlike this on xbox 360.

@RafiX @newt @usdcollector

I went to a friends house in the summer of 2017 and he wanted me to beat Mega Man 2 for him for some reason it was for some trophy thing or something
And I beat Mega Man 2 for him on his PS4 while pounding down some BREWSKIES and I kept having this problem of pressing the little pad thing in the middle instead of start every time and it drove me ape shit crazy

The nice about PC gaming is that we can both use our preferred input devices, even if they differ.

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