places I won't settle in when I move to canada:

Quebec (can't speak french)
Vancouver (sounds expensive)
Southern Ontario (no lake effect snow please)
the territories (no one lives here)

@Normandy but is there even a tech industry there?

I want to put my in progress CS degree to use!

@cdmnky Calgary, maybe. I honestly haven't looked into it.

Much of the tech jobs are in the areas you don't like (Toronto, Montreal).

@Normandy nothing against toronto lol (kinda joking about the snow)

living in this climate all my life makes me feel "meh" about everything I guess


@cdmnky I live in Toronto, so I've kinda gotten used to the snow.

Literally had a snowstorm earlier this week that forced my school to close for half the day.

@Normandy at least your school closes

mine didn't last year despite a county wide blackout so there was no light or heat

@cdmnky oof. I think my high school was like that.

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