• We, (Technowix + some moderators), host a Mastodon instance to allow you to access the Fediverse.
  • You cannot trust us, since we are able to access everything you put into niu.moe.
    You also cannot trust the network, since everything is on the internet so please, refrain from posting anything that should be confidential or not known, and please use a proper end-to-end encrypted messaging software for this.
  • We only store the email adress to allow you to recover your password and kind of prevent spam.
  • When you delete your account, we will retain only your username on this instance. (to avoid identity theft).
    We cannot guarantee that your data will be deleted across the Fediverse as our query might not reach some instances or may be ignored.
  • Our logging system retain informations about server requests for 30 days (IP / Browser used / ... what-your-browser-is-sending-to-us), and then it's deleted (France Laws). The last IP you used to connect your account is kept indefinitely, until you delete your account.