What is niu.moe?

Behind this sexy domain name hide a cute and loving community born the 05/04/17, running on Mastodon and connected to the whole fediverse (OStatus/ActivityPub compatible) without imposed borders. O(≧▽≦)O!
We believe in free thought, but aren't supporting harassment or discrimination in any case.
This instance is occupied by people from many nationalities and the main language used is English.

Topics you will find here

While we are open to any subject, the main ones are:
Programming / Security / IT stuffs
Fictions / Animes / Mangas / Comics
Gaming / e-sport
Sometime political thougth / what happen in the world
And thanks to a fully international community, pics and story from around the world <3

Home to 2,159 users
Who authored 318,786 statuses
Connected to 1,937 other instances

Rules / Terms

  • If you follow the Humans Rights (EN/FR/JP), nothing bad should happen.
  • Don't upload anything illegal/you don't own, contact me or use the report button if anything illegal came from here.
  • While we are allowing a lot things, we won't support discrimination or harassment on this instance, so if you want to be rude agaisn't catboys / lgbt++ / group of people loving ice creams, I suggest you to find another place
  • If you post NSFW content, use the Content Warning with the tag #NSFW :

    And if this is hard porn (slime everywhere / genitals / blabla, you are smart enough to understand) put the visibilty to, at least, Unlisted :
  • We don't ban/block other instance, you can mute/block instance strangers you don't like.
  • Before clicking the report button, keep in mind that we will take action only agains't "bad" things coming from our instance (niu.moe), and not from others instances.

The instance

This little beast have the following specs :
Xeon E3-1220 (Good ol' number crusher !)
16 GB of RAM (nom nom).
Hosted in Start-up nation, in Online.net's DC3 Datacenter.
Debian 9 under the hood.
Online.net's Anti-DDoS to protect us.
Good uptime (We still need to shutdown a bit to apply updates, baka)
Strong server security, very good HTTPS.
Hourly Backups !

The admin

Hoi, this is me, Technowix, I'm a IT student at Paris, feel free to follow me to get updates about the server / randoms stuff on my tought.
I'm also helped by Thog, if I'm not around, he can make my work .
If you want to help me fund the instance, this is a link to my liberapay page, I detail everythings about the fees.
But still, future or actual niu.moe resident, you rock ~ \(∩_∩ )

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
This Mastodon instance makes use of the Mutant Standard emoji set by Dzuk, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
The illustrations on the /about page and the whole instance is made be sliceofhorror, Dekodere, CRLryanstorm and amis0129