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Attachments rules

  • You can upload content found on the net, just be sure to credit the author.
    • If you found the picture uncredited on an imageboard, at least put a link to the imageboard page.
  • You mustn't upload anything illegal.
    • Sexual depiction of children (drawings/photography) is not allowed on this instance and is illegal.
    • Same rule applies if it is your body, you have to be at least 18 years old to post sexually implying pictures of yourself, no exceptions.
    • Drawing of loli / underage-looking character is okayish, as long as they aren't doing lewd stuff.
  • You have to hide NSFW pictures using the button.
    • In addition to the hide, you have to put pornographics pictures on, at least, Unlisted privacy level.
    • NSFW pictures aren't allowed in header or profile pictures.

Conduct rules

  • Follow the Humans Rights (EN/FR/JP).
  • Boosting content is the same as posting content, if you boost something you endorse it and it must follow these rules.
  • When interacting with users outside of this instance, you have to follow their rules / guidelines of the other instance
    • Following our set of rule should be sufficient for the majority of the cases.
    • If you have any questions about this, please contact a member of staff
  • Don't upload anything illegal / you haven't rights on it, if anything illegal came from here, contact a member of staff or use the report button.
  • While we are allowing a lot of things, we won't support hateful speech or harassment on this instance, so if you want to be rude against catboys / lgbt++ / group of people loving ice cream, we suggest you to find another place
  • We don't ban / block other instances, you can mute / block strangers from instances you don't like.
  • Before clicking the report button, keep in mind that we can't fully take action when it comes to posts from outside of the instance, however your report will be sent anonymously to the original instance.