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i am so happy zuckerberg-senpai is watching me

that means he cares 💗💖
like edward cared for bella

we will get married and have vampire babies and live forever🦇 👶

stallman-senpai is jacob

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a poem :flower_pink:

people who say
they shitpost
care the most
about the opinions
of internet strangers

i shitpost

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moecoin :ayano_minegishi: 💰 would be decentralized, open-source and only come in units of 18

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sailor moon should have won a hugo

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the best place to
tell my politics
to the world 🌐
is where
there is a mute button 🙉

for me :blobcheer2:

and them :blobsad:

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this hot take
too to long to make
its now cold

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of trending

4k toots with


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lmfao somebody actually sent a report for that
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that ding sound was my computer notifying me I was placed in dzuk's blocklist for that joke
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I would be either the best or worst divorce court judge ever

"your honor what is going to happen with the kids?"

"oh, you're going to split them 50/50"

"well who gets who?"

"no, that's not what I meant. Charles, get the saw out"


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these bots


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something something decentralized 4chan

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I need a vector-savvy artist that like to draw manga-toony, that would be for a commission for niu.moe, I would like to have a mascot to replace the cute LWA characters :3

If you are / know someone, and already have work that might fit what I want, poke me !
(Also, please, I'm not looking for someone who can bend their style to what I like, this is a lot of problem for both sides >w<")

(look at my avatar / header and the niu.moe welcome page to see which style I'm seeking for)

google bookchin
for me