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• Name: zey
• Age: 18
• Gender: agender call me by whatever you want
• Country: France
• Language: English/French
• Orientation: bi/pan
• Occupation: "programming", rythm games, games and animes/scans
• Personality: hella sick
• Birthday: April 11th
• Specialized subject: why ichigo isn't a bitch
• Hobbies: Manga, Anime, PCing
• Fav games: VA-11 HALL-A, danganronpa, rogue-like
• Dislikes: me
• Other facts: stan loona / twt : @sadichigo

I don't have friends and it's killing me to be so lonely everyday xd

is there someone who know a bit of and could help me i'm headbanging my keyboard on this error

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Wow didn't notice the new update with the poll

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vous cassez grv les couilles pnl

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