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and on that note, sweet dreams everyone :blobsnuggle:

installed osu again, first time in a month since ceasing play.
played for 10 minutes, reminded myself of why i stopped playing in the first place
uninstall once more

its truly over boys

ordered a new pc. i5 4770, 8gb ddr3, 1tb hdd + 125gb ssd, gtx 970 4gb :blobreach:

is it really seven days until christmas? jeez time flies doesnt it lmao


how could i have feesably made that mistake

for the first time in this account's history, i updated my profile headed

i think its pretty cute tbh :blobsnuggle:

lets all take a moment to appreciate catboys


hit or think
i guess they never think huh

how is destroy dick december going for everyone

good morning fedi. i hope everyone has a great day today :blobcatcoffee:

Nothing like waking up to a howling wind storm outside in winter, this is gonna be fun.

padoru but shes a trap with pink hair

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