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~ Forget your past,
Forgive yourself,
And begin again.

Everything will work out in the end. You don't need to know how. You just have to trust that it will. :blobcoffee:
- someone

playing uno and battleship with zeat on tabletop simulator and it's the best :blobcatreach:

Tabletop Simulator reintroduced me to how fun Trivial Pursuit is. The questions can be a bit difficult but the game does expand your general knowledge a little.

(also posted wrong link initially lol. i was showing @picto what a pain27 looked like on discord and forgot to copy my sound test :blobpout: )

bought an mx black keyboard off ebay for 20 dollars. it's insane how good this thing is for 20 dollars

life's been good, and surprisingly i havent found myself wanting to toot anything.
i hope everyone has been well :blobcatsip:

i'm coming back on here to tell everyone that super mario galaxy's soundtrack is the greatest soundtrack to ever be created for any video game, and that's an objective fact

no doubt, cvcvcv is a paranoid schizophrenic :blobcatsip:

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