two minutes until this account moves to @seiko.

after some thinking, i thought that the instance i moved to wasn't that great, so i'm moving once more!

@seiko is where i will be residing for the time being.

this account will be moved at around 14:00 EST today.

@Tynaiden yoinking le reddit list

Neon Genesis Evangelion [26 episodes]
Death and Rebirth [1 movie]
End of Evangelion [1 movie]
1.11 movie [1 movie]
2.22 movie [1 movie]
3.33 movie [1 movie]

@Normandy i've been more and more inactive here so i don't notice people leaving qwq

My jokes are funny
My jokes: ‘L∃@º-Ĭ¡ψ퇬½Eç`×µmHhƒ’A∫jn×ιp#¨gΨυ"οÖ¼

big uwu

brutal doom + cchest4 is HARD

can i get a do-over on life pls i misclicked in character creation

when i finally meet my girlfriend in person i wanna have some of her chai
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