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made a oneshot niko sticker pack for telegram, go try it

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You probably want to be Free Software huhuhuhu

some days i want to be a cat
some days i want a different hair colour
some days i want to sleep

i want all three thank you very much

youtube is fucking retarded now

i can't watch specific age restricted videos anymore

"Sorry, this video is age-restricted."

why the fuck can i watch budd dwyer's suicide and not an intro video to gta:sa huh

also finally time for me to sleep


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i just realized

two admins are following me on two different platforms

both are pretty large :blobcatsurprised:


another issue is when i backspace, it does clear the characters, but instead of it visibly getting removed, it looks like it pressed space instead

alright important question:

does anyone know how to fix this? i can't run fullscreen scripts and programs (i.e. nano) on my pi anymore unless i startx and do what i need to do on a terminal

the error i get when running 'sudo raspi-config' is "tput: unknown terminal "unknown"

did something get corrupted? please help!

sleeping on a bare floor is better than a futon imo

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time to create the ultimate ram ranch music pack

link coming soon

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I fuckin love with her as me liking the joy sticks on it right this recent game called Doki Doki Lesbian Gays


ended up having to use someone else's shit on bugmenot lmfao

oracle, your activation email is fucking broken, i had to download the email and inspect the source to get the activation link, and it DOESN'T EVEN WORK

excuse me what is this dogshit

why do i need an account to download JDK8

oracle you dumb fuck

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