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friendly reminder i can archive pixiv accounts, just tell me the ID and i'll do it

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free oracle account because fuck em for making us register to download shit

p: [[Na3efutruMesaphu2]]

sitting here waiting for shit to mirror on MEGA

idk why i still use this service lol

does anyone have Crying Girls in FLAC by Alias Conrad Coldwood? it was released for free on his website in MP3, and someone contacted him and was able to post FLACs for the album on the off subreddit, but those links are dead.

so if anyone has it, that would be awesome.

does anyone per chance have FLACs for 0001-0005:a galaxy odyssey from the label GINGA?

found various 320k releases for it but i want FLAC. it's available on OTOTOY and amazon

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nini fellas. time to rest and get ready for SUNDAAAEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY

time to @pry open a new bottle of milk


installing crosscode and waiting for f/sn-ue to patch..

actually, no.

i'm at my fucking limit. time to install manjaro and ignore everything else. i don't care if i cannot play games i like. i just want to get out of this hellhole.

welp, got hit with a weird ass strand of ransomware.

time to reinstall windows! woo, and fuck my life.

restart my computer to fix problems or continue downloading doujins

hard to choose

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@fred fredboat isn't working for me, any progress on fix?

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