hm, minecraft's not outputting any sound on the pi. anyone know a fix?

hooolllyyy shitt i got minecraft to run on my pi!! runs at a stable 40fps on a regular world, 1.11.2 optifine, 2chunk rd

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the pain is gone! seems like it was only trapped gas.

i wonder if/when there will be a universal misskey client for all three services (mk, pler, mstdn)

oh nice, emails are back up again, got 12 emails all at once, lol

queasy af, stomach feels like a fuckin alien movie right about now

seems like emails are down at the moment. nothing has been going in or out for almost a day now.

good morning everyone!

curious question for you all, is this a good budget build? i chose the processor and the motherboard so i can (supposedly) overclock it from what i've seen on a few videos. BTW this is for reference, there's no chance in hell i will be able to get any of this

Lee Greenwood - The Great Defenders [American Patriot]

never would have i known that i would find this album after 6-7 years, holy shit. i remember listening to this on a (now defunct) windows 98 computer. sucks there's only a 320mp3 for it, i would rip this in an instant if i ever got another cd of this.

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Im losing my goddamn mind i just saw this in front of my car

im hearing what is love and baby shark overlapping in a walmart right now

what a time we live in

wee updated my website to be on a better webhost. i love free hosting services

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