twenty minutes in and chaos; child is re-explaining schrodingers cat for the billionth time, this is how you know it’s a visual novel.

Oh yes steam link on iOS means I can finally play VNs while lying in bed like the true trash I am.

hey everyone please sign my change dot org petition to bring streetpass and swapnote to the nintendo switch

LÖVE2D for a typed language like Rust sounds cool:

Too bad it’s Monday this sounds like a fun weekend project

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you may not like it, but this is what peak witch performance looks like

JT’s FutureSex/LoveSounds is actually a pretty fun album and obviously Timbaland is a good producer but I wish he didn’t contribute any vocals lol

I put like 150 trading cards on the Steam market and now get like eight “you sold a thing!” emails a day

the real meme was inside of you all along

When you put an ambient album on but forget to turn up the volume so you just listen to street noises and refrigerator humming for fifteen minutes and think “wow this is pretty chill”

A dog and I just nodded to each other while walking by.

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the 😍 albums are the top dogs:

- songs: ohia – ghost tropic
- death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – i’ll try living like this
- oneohtrix point never – russian mind
- novo amor – heiress

February is over, and that means another 64 new albums listened to! Here are 32 albums (!!) I particularly liked this month:

very happy to see niu in full pokegear this morning

Oh god if you are a fan of horror or narrative games at all *heavy* recommend to pick up Devotion the moment they get it back up on sale

Yo this guy just put a load of malt vinegar in his water

Looking at lists of especially 4th and 5th gen there are entire lines I don’t even recognize. I’m glad most of the games really only focus on a small subset of mons.

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