If you don’t eat the black licorice jelly beans you’re a coward

Richard is a completely normal name for an adult but seems like a ridiculous name to give to a baby.

alright i have now made tcp chat, the hello world of networking applications.

it is with that i declare myself a golang master

i've managed to avoid generics so far tho :blobcatsweat:

Hmmm Thinkpads with Thunderbolt 3 ports sounding pretty good right now :blobcatthink:

I’m like the only person in my family who isn’t lactose intolerant and I’m quite thankful for that.


yo I know I’m a decade late but hollow knight is fantastic

most I’ve been enamored with a game all year

My stove has four burners but I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve used any of them besides the front left.

my parents keep sending me vacation pics while I’m sitting at work.

it makes me happy and upset at the same time

"Oh it's fine I don't care if it's messy"

bruh I don't care what you think, I care what *I* think what you think

A friend of mine could tell me that there's a slim chance that in four years they might think about walking within four blocks of my place, and that would be enough for me to drop everything and immediately panic clean my apartment.

I don't really watch these kinds of movies, but the latest Godzilla was a lot of fun, surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Gonna guess that this was the Doom 3 for the Quake franchise

Ok I am also now learning that there was a Quake 4

I feel like Quake II actually holds up pretty well.

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Helpful advice from on what to expect if you break a bone.

this guys is watching james cameron avatar on the plane in 2019

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