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@Ste1lar x86 is a bad instruction set, von Neumann architecture is inferior to Harvard, using electrons for computing is a dead end we should be using silicon photonics by now, pInK PRogRamMMInG sOcKS aRE ToO tHiN IM cOLd aND tHe LaNDloRd ShUT OfF tHE HEAtiNG iN My APaRtmENt uNtIl I paY ReNT On TImE

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🔴⚠️, very important ⚠️🔴 

dm me if you wanna double boom

we'll spend the night together, now and for forever

:blobcatpink: break em down whether they solid or frail

please don't touch my tits unless you plan on pretending I have any, thx,

*boom* *boom* *boom* *boom*
punctuate sentences with commas,

cuz I got depression,

I think I'm lonely in a way relationships don't satisfy

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Greatest minecraft quote of all time:
"I'm so mining mining awesome"

to the tune of PSY - Daddy

and with that i'll leave you with this while i go study

:blobcatoh: me at 2 am when i get home from a stressful social engagement :blobcatnoplease:

Really amazed at how split this poll was. At this rate I probably won't unless i find myself in need of a sizable battery or motor

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:blobcatbughunter: Should I steal a Bird electric scooter? :blobcatburglar: :blobcatpolicepeek: :blobcatcaged:

when you look at your TL and it's all just boosts of anime girls

trying to be more conscious of what stuff I throw away. probably going to stop eating at panda b/c of their plastic bowls.

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