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good morning niu! trying to be healthy and work out for once :blobsweats:

goodniught niu, don't forget to floss! :blobcatknife:

no, my interest in ricardo milos is not sexual. I swear... :blobsweats:

i love you niu...

but does niu love me?

:ablobcatrainbow: :arice: :ablobcatrave: STAY TUNED FOR THE RETURN OF RICARDO TO THE FEDIVERSE THIS MONDAY NIGHT :ablobcatrave: :kis2: :ablobcatrainbow:

so my 40 day hiatus is almost over, we return to our regularly scheduled programming in 3-4 days

... have I lost my touch?

no, it's the fediverse who is wrong :blobcatknife:

nini fedi, sorry I didn't post today but I had an infusion today so I was a little busy :night:

@cdmnky wired: reblog every other post on your other instance so people know about other account

guess who just got partial facial paralysis!

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