fantasy lewd 

is it necrophilia if the corpse is undead and there's informed consent

fantasy lewd 

@ben A better question is: is it legal?

fantasy lewd 

@wizard @ben Would really wanna see that court case

Judge: Mr. Something, you are standing before the court today due to allegations that you defined the corpse of <name redacted>

Lawyer: Sir, the "victim" literally wrote in their will that they wanted their corpse to be raped

Judge: wait what

Mom among the spectators: *sobs* yup

Judge: the actual fuck

fantasy lewd 

@quad @ben I mean, you also have to consider that they're undead in this scenario.

So they can give verbal consent.

re: fantasy lewd 

@quad @wizard I think you're missing the "undead" part.

re: fantasy lewd 

@ben @wizard oh, i didn't notice the "un"

yes pretty sure that's necrophilia
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