okay but for real why is a game from 18 years ago so prophetic about data mining and people's feelings thereof

William Gibson once said that he never expected something like Facebook to exist, but Deus Ex predicted people's feelings about it.

@wizard Remember when Monty Python did a sketch about homophobia and accidentally predicted the future existence of furries?

@ben uh, I'm not familiar with that one lol

@wizard Thats the future humans want. A future where humans live surveilled 24/7 wiith a social credit system similar to China.
@proxeus @wizard sounds nice... lets hope I die before that happens here
@fence @wizard There is surveillance everywhere. Even in the cemetery.

Thats right. You cant even die without googlebook knowing about it.
@proxeus @wizard what if you drown your self in some river and they never find you
@wizard @proxeus well yeah but if you do it in some other country without anyone knowing, it can take 5 or more years until you get declared dead, masking when, where and how you died.
@fence @wizard There is an AI that can detect people in danger of commiting suicide. They will take you to a treatment clinic before that happens and lobotomize you
@fence @wizard And I think its a reality btw. Except the treatment part. Facebook shows you ads for treatment if it detects you are in a suicidal mood. Thats what I heard.
@proxeus @wizard I don't have anything against that tbh... if you have to do that shit at least use it so that people won't commit sudoku unnecessarily

@fence @proxeus The problem is that targeted advertising causes depression in the first place. In the words of Zach Mandeville, modern web design shapes the user into "an anxious dullard, who alternates between catatonic depression and a stress-induced breakdown" (

All these algorithms are trying to do is maximize clicks and profits... it's all really dehumanizing. They know that a depressed user is going to need help from problems they caused.

@wizard @fence I developed a natural brain filter again advertisings. My brain just unplugs whenever I see an ad.
@proxeus @wizard sorta same... Tho I like foreign ads, those are usually much more endurable than local ones
@proxeus @wizard also because they are foreign they can't sell me shit so yeah, I find it interesting how marketing is different in different places basicall

@fence There are entire tv shows dedicated to international ads, intersparsed with national ads. The only possible good thing about ads is if they're entertaining, which they often aren't because that's not the goal.

@besserwisser the thing is that English and even American ads are much much more entertaining that swiss ones... swiss ones are so dry and/or cringe... I dunno...

but asian ads in general are true entertainment.

@proxeus @fence My brother manages a Subway in town, and one day I walked in to get that sweet employee discounted sub.

He was telling me about a new bread that wasn't selling well, and I mentioned that it was probably because it wasn't on the normal bread menu.

He said that it was, and pointed to a picture of the bread literally right next to the menu that said "try our new sunflower whatever bread today!"

I realized that I never noticed it because it was just eye noise to me. tldr I relate.

@wizard @fence Thats probably bad marketing. You dont just place a sign and have people buy your product, there is a psychology behind every ad to make it more noticeable. Thats the reason why ads have become more aggressive over time. And part of the reason why most of us are ignoring it.

@proxeus @fence It's definitely bad marketing, but my point was that the new bread was literally a sticker right next to the bread menu.

It was really just the inconsistent style that made me think that it was an ad instead of it actually being a new type of bread.

@proxeus @wizard tbh, here they have started making ads in the local spoken language instead of regular german... since then I can't take any of those ads seriously and being around a TV while ads are playing is just fucking unbearable :blobupset:

The Idea is probably to speak the same language as you so you consider that product more but... for me it has the opposite effect... also in those ads they always talk like they do in Zürich which sound awful and wouldn't represent most of the country at all....

@fence it's a good way to find out where your "german" tv comes from when you're on vacation

@besserwisser well for me its annoying, there is TV running all the time at home... my dad spends way too much time in front of the TV...

but when I was little German TV channels always promoted toys not available here, I then would nag my parents to get me those toys ^^>
I miss that.
@proxeus @wizard also about the psychology thing all the marketing people I worked with were really clue less and wasted a shit ton of money with unrelatable garbage
@fence @wizard People that knows about marketing do know how to make an ad work, trust me. There are companies that work on this and know what they do.

@fence @proxeus I really don't understand a lot of people. I was raised entire George Carlin "the entire US is just one big shopping mall" idea, but I guess that somehow missed everyone else?

idk I really don't know what I'm seeing different in the world. And it's not even uncommon to hear the world being described as "dystopian" by random people. I guess nobody can agree on what's dystopian about it...

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