I fucking hate gamers and their absolute refusal to think about games as anything beyond a personal experience.

They're so permanently scarred by their mom telling them they spend too much time killing people in games when they were 14 that any suggestion that games have any impact of any kind on the world at large sends them into a blind rage.

I hate gamers. I wish I didn't like games so much so I didn't have to spend time with these shits.

Imagine a world where we could have a decent conversation about violence, glorification of imperialism, normalization of far right shit, and other issues with games in general without someone screaming about how they played Doom and didn't shoot up a school, as if direct and immediate causation is the only way something can impact anyone

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@whom You're using a smol part of the community here :<
I agree with what you say, but that's really just a small part of them. A very noisy one, but still

@Ytrezar if you count anyone who has played Candy Crush as a "gamer" then sure, but the self-identified gamer that you'll find in your average match of [multiplayer video game] or in the comments of [gaming YouTube channel] is absolutely like this and has continually been getting worse

@whom the thing is "gamers" community tend to be younger and younger over the years. You just have to see how many 10- player there is on Fornite. Youngster tend to be really dumb when it come to what they love. Especially when someone says something bad about it.
So in fact it's getting worse, but in the end I really think the tendency can be explained by the average age

@Ytrezar There's a whole lot of angry 20-something gamers losing their minds about "the SJWs," it's not restricted by age

You can see how tight it's been with the rise of the alt-right, there's a LOT of overlap there and shit like gamergate accelerated it beyond belief.

It's too big of a problem with too far-reaching of effects to pin it on 10 year olds.

@whom You're right, it's not related only on ages. There is dumb people everywhere.
In the end maybe it's not only gamers but the whole internet community that is changing in a bad way?
I mean with twitter/facebook/Fediverse and stuff like that people that were saying things in their room can scream it over internet and gather with fellow who think the same.
And sadly the more dumb they are the louder they scream.

My opinion about that was always "don't feed the troll"

@whom Oh and to come back on the first subject, I have to agree that games, like everything else in the world, can influence you way of thinking/acting.
But in the same time when I see how media over internet/tv are making overly easy and wrong shortcut by saying "Games are bad, games are violents, games will lead us to destruction!", then yes, it's annoying

@whom the ideas in the video were poorly-expressed, to the point of the vid losing cohesion, but i find it Extremely Telling that the reaction to a video ultimately saying “maybe introspect about anything?” is so overwhelmingly negative that most of the comments/Twitter responses are people gleefully telling him how he's permanently ended his career by being unredeemable human garbage. the reaction is more akin to him being found guilty of assault than… not wording a video well.

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