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we're genuine in my house

if i see one (1) ironic toot im blocking you

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Been completely away from social media for a while now, going to let myself try to hang out here and see if it starts to feel icky.

Pretty much everything I've been up to is at my (shitty, taped together) website:

Trying to find a decent peertube instance that's open is difficult.

I want to make gaming videos and can't justify using a Google product, but jfc it's hard to find anywhere else to go.

hey guys just carrying a stack of my favorite albums above a large dropoff with only the void below and a table floating in space



tfw I wasted time learning to do this and rendering it in cycles but the piss just GOES THROUGH IT

It's incredible how many seemingly complex and unsolvable computer problems in my life have boiled down to "RAM wasn't seated right"

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Biz Markie invented heterosexuality

Watching 3-gatsu no Lion then Haibane Renmei and in the middle discovering a new creative outlet and actually finishing something makes me feel more in tune with myself and with life than I have in a long, long time.

Oh and the redesign is brilliant and much more intuitive so if you've ever tried to learn and had an awful time then downloading the release candidate for 2.8 is def worth it to try again

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Learning Blender has been really rewarding. I'm still stumbling through tutorials and trying to put together my first very very crude animation but you very quickly feel the power to make something expressive and fulfilling, even if making it pretty takes a lot more learning.

I also feel really good about having an entry point into visual art at all. Drawing or painting or something are so hard to start learning, but the technical hurdles make the path here obvious.

God bless Free software.

I held off on having one for so long for this reason and part of me wants to go back to that

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I resent cellphones for introducing the idea that you should be available for contact at any point in the day and if you aren't then that means you're ignoring people

if there's a god then why am I sad all the time

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death, kyoani 

Of course the victims and their loved ones are first in our minds, but also take care of yourselves out there, friends. Sending out love for those of us taking it hard...kyoani has put so much beauty and positivity into this world and an attack on the people who made that happen of this scale is overwhelming.

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death, kyoani 

It's hard to think about how tiny and humble kyoani really is and what being the victims of the largest mass murder in postwar Japan really means

How do you even process that

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death, kyoani 

Saw the news about the kyoani fire last night but I'm just now seeing the death toll and openly weeping

Those people put so much good and positivity into the world, what a massive tragedy...

I find that most supposed echo chambers are not places where people agree on everything, but instead places where people agree on ANYthing.

If you're able to have a conversation without getting lost in arguments about very basic values and ideas, you're in an "echo chamber".

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !