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I find that most supposed echo chambers are not places where people agree on everything, but instead places where people agree on ANYthing.

If you're able to have a conversation without getting lost in arguments about very basic values and ideas, you're in an "echo chamber".

I desperately want to live in the world of people who act like it's possible to create an echo chamber anywhere on the internet.

Please give me these places where everyone agrees with me, I want to enter paradise.

Kool G Rap is so overrated by hip hop heads for some reason.

Dude always gets talked about alongside Big Daddy Kane and Rakim and shit, doesn't deserve it at all.

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“Yes, we live in a gated community, but we know what life is like for the common folk because we talk to our staff”

I mostly blame modern social media for this, though. Young people as a whole have a problem with public vs private and acquaintances vs those close to us and treating those separately and a lot of things that make some sense to describe our relationships with people we don't care much about can be really destructive with people who we keep closer but we're pushed to treat those as more or less the same

This is my main problem with the concept of emotional labor as applied to close personal relationships, as it takes ideas like "support between friends should be reciprocal" and grounds it in weird capitalist exchange and rips anything genuine from that relationship

Making friends with someone who treats support and being nice to another person as a form of exchange almost like a monetary one is a really good sign not to get too close

(I learned this lesson a while ago so this isn't directed at anyone in particular)

This week: consistently wake up in the early morning and scare myself


drugs, trans shit, bad lyrical find and replace 

I'm just on a randomizer for sleep

I went from falling asleep between 7 and 10 am to waking up between 4 and 7 in a few days why am I like this

I don't think I've ever wrapped my head around how npc encounters work in any Souls game

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black block blob :mtg_3: :mtg_black: :mtg_red:

Creature - Antifa Blob :anarchy:


When Black Block Blob enters the field it deals one damage to all Fascists

It's actually not that I can't sleep but that I lose days to depression sleep then when I need to sleep I just cannot and I'm thrown off for the rest of eternity

Tonight I learned that I am now physically incapable of sleep!

Wow, what fun!

Imagine a world where we could have a decent conversation about violence, glorification of imperialism, normalization of far right shit, and other issues with games in general without someone screaming about how they played Doom and didn't shoot up a school, as if direct and immediate causation is the only way something can impact anyone

I fucking hate gamers and their absolute refusal to think about games as anything beyond a personal experience.

They're so permanently scarred by their mom telling them they spend too much time killing people in games when they were 14 that any suggestion that games have any impact of any kind on the world at large sends them into a blind rage.

I hate gamers. I wish I didn't like games so much so I didn't have to spend time with these shits.

Caved and bought Mario Maker 2

Instantly in love..

Dumb sadposting 

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