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what do you guys think about google and other tech giants making such ads?

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favorite chat protocol/platform, and why?

both of my ctrl keycaps broke

"so you essentially lost control"

we need resizable columns in mastodon, exactly like in this UI!

and ofc not using live resizing, but with the gray dotted/shaded line while resizing for performance!

HTTP/1.1 302 Found (toots)
Location: niu

toot count has been rapidly increasing recently, still long way to 1K though!

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Dino 0.1 is released! 🎉

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (“Jabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post:

kind of considering to go to FOSDEM because it conveniently fits in my schedule and I could easily take the car or (possibly not-so-easily) take the train, but I don't really know of a lot of talks to go to there and traveling is so expensive

(maybe anyone on fedi want to share some hotel/hostel/bnb/room/whatever to cut costs? xd)

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Any #dlang people going to be at FOSDEM this weekend?

Has anyone suggested a casual meetup yet?

if you implement 3D audio, please make sure there is always at least a minimum volume ratio for both left and right channels. I hate not hearing anything when facing away and only having one earphone in!

watched this let's play and they defined the sex as only 0 or 1 so I found this pretty funny probably just generating the UI from code making you choose between the known sex "0" and "1"

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struct Character {
string name;
bool sex;
} this looks pretty weird, electrostatic forces are really neat though

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What do you prefer?

Guide to transform from color to color in monotonously colored images, in this example make a wood texture the same color as another one in GIMP: [1]

- First open both of your images as files
- Use the color picker tool (O) with "Sample average" enabled and set to something reasonably high to get the average color of your image
- Open your image you want to transform
- Add a layer with the average source color first
- Then add another layer with the replacement color next
- Set the replacement color layer blend mode to "Divide" [2]
- Click on your replacement layer and "Merge Down"
- Set the blend mode of the new merged layer to "Divide"
- done, you have now transformed your image from one color to another [3]

TIP: you can make your source image grayscale first to avoid hue issues and have a more uniform result if desired [4]

where are the major SuperTuxKart e-sports competitions at?

cool new German website:

I should maybe extend my tech blog too :p

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