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are "unlisted" posts listed in the local timeline?

"Do not post to public timelines" sounds a bit confusing because the local timeline looks public too

eat and don't be able to sleep or go hungry to bed and not be able to sleep?

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nice, McDonalds (DE) coupons are back again

time for some 120 and 211 tomorrow

wonder when my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit is going to arrive, got my J-Link EDU Mini now and would really want to give it a try making a simple clock run on it

misskey⁽¹⁾ seems like a pretty cool ActivityPub implementation with really neat web UI and awesome features.

I made an account on their official instance (@webfreak) but federation seems pretty lacking as I couldn't see most toots in some hashtags I tried and couldn't even access my profile here on niu at all.

All the extra features seem really awesome but I'm not sure if it's some incompatibility with Mastodon or if there is some other issue, but without federation to here I don't really want to use it. (also didn't see any option to transfer accounts like supported in Mastodon)


egg is great

you can put it on any food to improve it:

everything cooked is improved with an egg

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The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here:

A client combining twitter (tweetdeck) and mastodon with multiple accounts would be pretty cool though.

For IM it could even integrate chat accounts like matrix

though this would probably result in one huge zombie thing which can't really do anything properly and just barely does all the basic features

what mastodon client is everyone using on desktop?

yay breaking my hands, legs and back all at once by playing osu for 6 hours straight over multiple days

I should really do my job instead or I will run out of time

can someone engineer a GNU/Linux electric car so I can get an electric car which respects my privacy and doesn't do software updates over the cloud and data collection of my driving?

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