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I really like my music setup right now:
- first I purchase music as mp3 (amazon, google play, bandcamp, etc)
- then I sync it to phone, media server, backup server and even to car radio using syncthing (screenshot 1)
- I can play it on my PC using Lollypop and control playback from my phone using KDE Connect (screenshot 2) and because it's synchronized with my phone and car I can play it offline no problem using native apps (LineageOS "Eleven" here, screenshot 3)

everything and DRM-free!

this game was released 2004 but it feels like this future prediction is made just recently

also it's making me anxious now

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Symmetry Autumn of Code for the D programming language. #dlang

We are hiring mature hackers with a strong moral compass and an orientation towards excellence.

cool I found an old cookbook with cake recipes from 1994

Might digitize and bake some later

anyone got a good recipe for some salad?

@s I think for some reason your toots on this account aren't showing for me in browser or in app

when you use the burger king app for 2 hours a day

Tried my FOSS BK app in an actual Burger King (DE) now and it's working exactly like the Android app. Employees can probably not even tell the difference when you use it, so nobody will complain if you use it on a Linux phone.

the server for this is written in and I like the code, but the frontend could really be restructured a little bit and be split into more than one file, but use some kind of web bundler. But I don't really like most solutions for bundling when they try to be smart and sort the dependencies for me and also require some new JS code with imports.

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I made a Burger King web app which can run on any phone and device and is usable in the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Bulgaria

So if you are looking for some fast food apps for your phone, most basic functionality is there and it looks exactly like the Android one!

if you write faster code it is often just the same algorithm, but it does less

I love that you can do everything with free and open source software as you can with proprietary software. Krita, Gimp and Blender make a great combo to create about any graphics.

Made a mouse pad cover based on this twitter post:

I liked this picture and thought it would be nice to have because I wanted to buy a mouse pad anyway.

the future is decentralized software, using mastodon, peertube, matrix and syncthing now. Wouldn't have guessed it would ever become so easy to operate these things.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !