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@dd well I found one rather interesting lonely community I just joined because of searching that

is there any "Fast Food on Linux" chat group for FOSS imitations and reverse engineering of fast food apps for Linux phones? I would like to join it and contribute 2 projects lol

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if you need an open source alternative to the Burger King coupon app (in BG, CZ, AT, CH, DE, FI, NL, SE), try out my free and open source fully functional imitation of the android app:

I made it look so real like the original app, nobody will notice it's not the original (even the animations are implemented)

please no abuse! Use this for instance if you want to use the Burger King app on an unsupported phone like a Linux Phone

@crlf alright now it's actually working! Cellular data works, phone calls didn't work yet but I haven't tried the hack to enable audio yet so that might be why. Didn't try SMS. Wifi breaks after some usage and it seems like you have to reflash the OS to get wifi working again for now.

This helped with it:

@s well at least it's possible to turn off the display on ubuntu touch which is probably the only reason why it can go so long!

@s probably, I can ssh into the phone while it's locked instantly and it reacts like it isn't throttled at all

so the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch (nearly only locked with minimal apps) seems to run for around 6-8 hours on battery after full charge so far.

Not great but for just sometimes going out the house it's probably enough. The phone gets really warm even in idle so it probably wastes a lot of energy somewhere, which might be OS related. (also happened on postmarketOS though)

@cobalto wifi and display, the most important things of a smart device

@crlf ehh sorry can't seem to get my operator added, the UI doesn't do anything when pressing save xd

@crlf sorry it was me being retarded who switched off the modem kill switch on ubuntu touch

@crlf idk if it's an issue with the software though. I just saw someone using Ubuntu Touch who has celular settings

For me the factory OS (testing OS) came with tests and failed on the LTE modem test, but it seemed like it could start the modem though and try to read it out.

I will try it out again now that I put in my SIM card

Ubuntu Touch definitely seems like the most daily-driver-ready OS for PinePhone right now. Only things that are issues for me right now:
- Timezone doesn't seem to be setting (seems to break clock app too)
- Mobile data (GSM) not working
- this probably also causes the GPS to not work
- You can make the display brightness way too dark (completely turn backlight off, so you can't see anything)
- Camera is broken

@crlf well... I didn't have any OS where that worked yet because configuration seemed too lacking so far to setup my mobile provider.

To me this isn't really an issue because I never call anyway, I would just like to see it added for mobile data

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