through a lot of hot glue and painfully small soldering, I have somehow connected my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit to my J-Link EDU Mini on a fairly stable piece of cardboard

charging is gonna be a problem, but I will worry about that when it's "time"

@papush what's so unusual about that I do that every day even though I much rather want to only sleep 8h :C

@Ste1lar probably, but there are probably local electronics resellers in your region which should have some still if amazon has them?

@Ste1lar can you get it directly from the manufacturer?

@NekoSock humans still exist in this day and age? wow

@s that sounds pretty interesting, I thought about installing nextcloud already, but I like having these files on all my devices:

I want to listen to my music on my phone (offline) when I'm not home

I want to sync my music with my car radio running android which only rarely gets wifi: currently only for when I'm syncing, so it should also run offline

So currently I'm using syncthing to have all files be (often bidirectionally) distributed on all devices, because internet is rare or costly when you actually want to use something outside home.

However I'm a fan of nextcloud in general so I will still think of some other use case for using it. Currently I always ssh home to access files from my last PC backup if I need anything lol

well resetting the database in lollypop fixed my problems so for now I will keep using it I think but I might switch to something less heavy eventually

@lumi aw maybe you can compare the list of your installed packages with the repository linked blacklists though :p

btw also sent you a follow request :blobcat:

@lumi what's your stallman freedom index?

My GNU/Linux is infected with 67 proprietary packages out of 2523 total installed.
My Stallman Freedom Index is 97.34

starting today I'm officially fat

time to change to a more healthy lifestyle and less grabbing reduced burger king deals with long expired coupons (or just in general)

what (linux) music player does everyone use? Lollypop increasingly gets worse in recognizing my albums, missing many completely and fragmenting some in up to 6 times the same album

Maybe eventually gonna try Elisa but having problems with KDE icons being broken there right now

I really enjoyed ep 1 and 2 of RikeKoi, exactly fit my taste

...also using ubuntu in ep 1

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I think someone should write a Fediverse server in D. I think it would scale well. D has a small but bright community. Go look at their forums -- it's written in D and blazing fast. The secret? It's actually an NNTP server in disguise.

Imagine that, but ActivityPub.

life is great right now!

- I'm small so I fit in a lot of places and rarely hit my head
- no bf/gf taking my time
- less devices calling home and monitoring me than in the average household
- an unhealthy lifestyle which can always be improved on

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Image desc: Drake reaction template, titled "Tabs vs spaces"
Top bit: Drake says no to whitespace
bottom bit: drake says yes to whitespace

Up to you to figure out which is which
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