@ellietheoracle check my bio, but I will migrate before march so it should take over my followers I hope

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@Ste1lar @NekoSock I commissioned the audio and made the video, hope you enjoy it and share it a lot :)

@ocean @NekoSock meh maybe idk :p

I know they at least only just do local searches in the apt cache for commands from all packages (and not just commonly mistyped commands) now

@ocean @NekoSock UWP is amazing! One of the most sane and fully-featured UI frameworks imo

@ocean @NekoSock the windows store works reasonably well for this.

Today at work I noticed they probably even capture and send home all the stuff you write into your terminal. Somehow they evaluated commonly typed in commands that don't work or aren't installed. Like if you type in `python` without it being installed, it will open the windows store for you to install python from.

@NekoSock @ocean I sure hope consistent means adding colors, anything else would break consistency with nearly all third party apps :p

@NekoSock @ocean well ok maybe it's also half of the icons being a singular gray color which reminds me of KDE so much

if I think about it now, the broken icons is maybe the second biggest thing I dislike about KDE software, especially outside KDE

@ocean @NekoSock missing margins, inconsistent text sizes... if the clock in the bottom right wasn't normal size I would think this is KDE!

cool the profile status support multiple lines, so I can include my geek code

finding random mentions of my name from users in Japanese areas with "WebFreak san" feels pretty cool

@Main_Tomato how to drastically increase the price of your smartphone: add useless extra cameras

void (*foo(const char *name))( void );


void function(void) foo(const(char)* name);

in readable form

@dd good job, you are living the life of a millionaire!

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