I just released the new code-d 0.21.0 version. A extension for visual studio code with a lot of stability improvements and even more hassle-free now.

Read the full changelog: github.com/Pure-D/code-d/blob/

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pizza in the oven 🍕 time for food

The visual studio code extension "code-d" release candidate downloadable here. If you want, install it from this vsix and report to me any issues that happen or if it feels more stable. Feel free to also join our discord for feedback: discord.gg/Bstj9bx


I wanted to make pizza today and bought the ingredients

but when I came home I saw that the tomato sauce I bought was expired for 3 weeks already :(

well time to open it and check if it still might be good

@tn5421 I've recently talked with some Chinese people where BBS systems are still a lot more popular (though it seems like those are probably only web based systems) and I think having small communities with cool system admins and everyone talking about some topics and sharing software is pretty cool. Also there is something nice to the simplicity of simply using telnet to access some remote software, checking mails and even playing games.

I think it's even better than the push notifications for everything nowadays just occasionally checking messages for topics you are interested in and not participating in 5 instant messaging chats at once.

@tn5421 it's quite fun, I don't see a reason why to stop using it

which BBS is everyone logging in to these days?

Alice: I refuse, Rust has burnt me enough
Alice: (It managed to give me an emotional breakdown, that's how bad borrow checkers are for me)
Bob: oof
Bob: I should try it
Bob: sounds like a perfect language for people who hate themselves
Alice: It really is
Alice: unless you love conforming to very very strict rules
Alice: and don't want to have fun

Highly advanced AI based machine learning software update control

@fristi I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as laajnux, is in fact, GNyU/laajnux, or as I have wecentwy taken to cawwing it, GNU plus laajnux.

@Ste1lar n-no the world needs to be blessed by this!

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when you look at your bank account and notice it's a power of two and even are amused by it, chances are you are a developer

or possibly just a minecraft player if you don't have a lot on it

I installed a sound theme and created udev rules to play sounds when plugging in USB devices

... btw I use arch

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