void (*foo(const char *name))( void );


void function(void) foo(const(char)* name);

in readable form

cool new German website: d-ecke.de/

I should maybe extend my tech blog too :p

wonder when my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit is going to arrive, got my J-Link EDU Mini now and would really want to give it a try making a simple clock run on it

The new code-d 0.22.0 update comes with:

* new much more powerful snippets
* guide for new users and lots of documentation
* multiple QoL improvements

and much more!

Read more: github.com/Pure-D/code-d/blob/

Download the VSCode extension: marketplace.visualstudio.com/i

Source code: github.com/Pure-D/code-d

check out the new user guide for code-d I have been working on all day!

It includes a full tutorial for basics of vscode, links to D resources, creating a web app, dub explanation, how to work with manually built projects, building, debugging and all implemented features

soon readable in vscode too


All new and fresh revamped context-dependent snippets in code-d

I just released the new code-d 0.21.0 version. A extension for visual studio code with a lot of stability improvements and even more hassle-free now.

Read the full changelog: github.com/Pure-D/code-d/blob/

The visual studio code extension "code-d" release candidate downloadable here. If you want, install it from this vsix and report to me any issues that happen or if it feels more stable. Feel free to also join our discord for feedback: discord.gg/Bstj9bx


the server for this is written in and I like the code, but the frontend could really be restructured a little bit and be split into more than one file, but use some kind of web bundler. But I don't really like most solutions for bundling when they try to be smart and sort the dependencies for me and also require some new JS code with imports.

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