we need resizable columns in mastodon, exactly like in this UI!

and ofc not using live resizing, but with the gray dotted/shaded line while resizing for performance!

Guide to transform from color to color in monotonously colored images, in this example make a wood texture the same color as another one in GIMP: [1]

- First open both of your images as files
- Use the color picker tool (O) with "Sample average" enabled and set to something reasonably high to get the average color of your image
- Open your image you want to transform
- Add a layer with the average source color first
- Then add another layer with the replacement color next
- Set the replacement color layer blend mode to "Divide" [2]
- Click on your replacement layer and "Merge Down"
- Set the blend mode of the new merged layer to "Divide"
- done, you have now transformed your image from one color to another [3]

TIP: you can make your source image grayscale first to avoid hue issues and have a more uniform result if desired [4]

I tried to get a stable sleep cycle and go to sleep at the same reasonable time each day so I could optimize my sleep to only 8 hours

didn't work that well so far

through a lot of hot glue and painfully small soldering, I have somehow connected my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit to my J-Link EDU Mini on a fairly stable piece of cardboard

charging is gonna be a problem, but I will worry about that when it's "time"

ok grinded back up to 4 digit, time to quit game until 5 digit again

why does this pop up whenever I am on google? There is no way I will click yes because there isn't even any reason why I would need DRM video support on a search engine

wow thanks android, changing the icon styles to square works exactly as expected to remove the white borders around all icons...

The new code-d 0.22.0 update comes with:

* new much more powerful snippets
* guide for new users and lots of documentation
* multiple QoL improvements

and much more!

Read more: github.com/Pure-D/code-d/blob/

Download the VSCode extension: marketplace.visualstudio.com/i

Source code: github.com/Pure-D/code-d

some random guy generously donated to me for my project today and just a few minutes later without any knowledge of this someone else became my sponsor on GitHub sponsors.

My first project donation this year and my first ever GitHub sponsor

was a good day :bun:

I wanted to get a plushie

but it says only ages 48 years and up

All new and fresh revamped context-dependent snippets in code-d

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