through a lot of hot glue and painfully small soldering, I have somehow connected my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit to my J-Link EDU Mini on a fairly stable piece of cardboard

charging is gonna be a problem, but I will worry about that when it's "time"

ok grinded back up to 4 digit, time to quit game until 5 digit again

why does this pop up whenever I am on google? There is no way I will click yes because there isn't even any reason why I would need DRM video support on a search engine

wow thanks android, changing the icon styles to square works exactly as expected to remove the white borders around all icons...

The new code-d 0.22.0 update comes with:

* new much more powerful snippets
* guide for new users and lots of documentation
* multiple QoL improvements

and much more!

Read more:

Download the VSCode extension:

Source code:

some random guy generously donated to me for my project today and just a few minutes later without any knowledge of this someone else became my sponsor on GitHub sponsors.

My first project donation this year and my first ever GitHub sponsor

was a good day :bun:

I wanted to get a plushie

but it says only ages 48 years and up

All new and fresh revamped context-dependent snippets in code-d

I just released the new code-d 0.21.0 version. A extension for visual studio code with a lot of stability improvements and even more hassle-free now.

Read the full changelog:

The visual studio code extension "code-d" release candidate downloadable here. If you want, install it from this vsix and report to me any issues that happen or if it feels more stable. Feel free to also join our discord for feedback:

Highly advanced AI based machine learning software update control

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