@ocean @NekoSock missing margins, inconsistent text sizes... if the clock in the bottom right wasn't normal size I would think this is KDE!

@webfreak @ocean to be fair, you have to remember some of this is beta. Like that text on top of the start menu looks ugly, but it's certainly a debug display

@webfreak @ocean I also imagine they wanna make the profile pic overflow from the top of the menu but they haven't implemented it yet (as it will require window transparency and all)

@NekoSock @webfreak I feel like it'd be best if they just went back to the window 98 style and just kept the modern use features, people who don't know about computers will buy Netbook tier hardware with windows 10 installed and be like "omg it's so slow and crappy" because windows is filled with so much bloat, it's really only meant for high end desktops but they throw it on everything for some reason

@NekoSock @ocean well ok maybe it's also half of the icons being a singular gray color which reminds me of KDE so much

if I think about it now, the broken icons is maybe the second biggest thing I dislike about KDE software, especially outside KDE

@webfreak @ocean yeah I also think they'll be making the icons more consistent. 4chan thinks so too

@NekoSock @webfreak Doesn't do any good when windows doesn't have a software repository and you just have to download binaries off the internet of varying age

@ocean @webfreak wasn't their attempt at making a software repository something they were very criticised for?

anyway there is choco and snap

@NekoSock @webfreak Well they have UWP which works across their platforms, even on Xbox which is nice for me because that is the only MS product I use and it means I can get VLC on my game console which is sweet

But the only real reason windows is still even used is because of it's vast collection of third party applications, so it'll break the theming for sure

@ocean @NekoSock UWP is amazing! One of the most sane and fully-featured UI frameworks imo

@ocean @NekoSock the windows store works reasonably well for this.

Today at work I noticed they probably even capture and send home all the stuff you write into your terminal. Somehow they evaluated commonly typed in commands that don't work or aren't installed. Like if you type in `python` without it being installed, it will open the windows store for you to install python from.

@ocean @NekoSock meh maybe idk :p

I know they at least only just do local searches in the apt cache for commands from all packages (and not just commonly mistyped commands) now

@ocean @webfreak I know that technically, OSX did that before Windows did when typing a command available in xcode (like git) without having xcode installed.

But this only covered software in xcode, but about the other convo, osx has had a very stable and widely used open source package managed called brew for dev tools.

@NekoSock @ocean I sure hope consistent means adding colors, anything else would break consistency with nearly all third party apps :p

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