got my @PINE64 PinePhone today!

I must say I'm actually surprised how well this thing runs this early. Didn't test cameras or modem yet (don't seem to work in postmarketOS) but otherwise looks working nice. In the factory test OS audio speakers worked but not the headphones but idk if it's broken hardware or a broken test now.

Currently postmarketOS seems really solid on it with hw-accel and all-in-all pretty nice, however there is no power saving options (lock screen button doesn't work) and the phone gets really hot after a while.

So far I tried 3 different postmarketOS variations (phosh, plasma-mobile, sway) and they seemed to work well (well sway just booted and then I removed it again because I didn't have a keyboard anyway, but something like i3 on phone sounds cool) and a plasma-mobile build (official, not postmarketOS)

Always wanted to try ubuntu phone so I'm gonna try out ubports now too.

About the phone: it is a little bit heavy (more heavy than my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, even without battery) and the hw switches are basically impossible to adjust without a small needle or similar, which makes it a little inconvenient to toggle hardware on the go, but still cool that it's there. The touchscreen looks fancy.

I love the design of the phone, big blank back where you can just put a sticker on too.

@dd I think it will be pretty neat, with even more polish on the OS (because you even get an official OS) that works with all your hardware

for me I will need to tinker with it a little and wait for the community to improve OS support or somehow add it myself, though it's a rather major project I don't want to work on a lot right now

@dd yeah but you still only have to put OS on an SD card and put it in like on a raspberry pi, just there is no official OS :p

@dd that's on there with the factory OS and there should be an UART interface with shell access through the audio jack, where I made my own cable now which goes into a raspberry pi into the UART interface but couldn't run any commands on it.

So for now just doing the SD card stuff

@webfreak honestly that uart via jack feature is hot i wont lie. it's also in the pinebooks

@dd having UART on a phone is pretty cool, but it also has USB-C so why not use that for like every application? :p

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