what (linux) music player does everyone use? Lollypop increasingly gets worse in recognizing my albums, missing many completely and fragmenting some in up to 6 times the same album

Maybe eventually gonna try Elisa but having problems with KDE icons being broken there right now

well resetting the database in lollypop fixed my problems so for now I will keep using it I think but I might switch to something less heavy eventually

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@webfreak I recently discovered DeaDBeeF. Didn't use it much yet, but early impressions are excellent. Very lightweight, featureful, with good UI, and it actually works.

@webfreak Right now good old Amarok but I've never been super fond of the UI and I'm missing my old MPD + Sonata setup.

I wouldn't recommend Elisa yet; I want to be good but every time I've tried it it's been missing a lot of polish

@webfreak A nextcloud plugin for streaming music.

Because all my music is on my homeserver and I don't have a good dedicated music streaming solution set up on it. Idek if one exists aside from running Plex.

Oh, that and the Spotify Web app 🤷‍♀️

@s that sounds pretty interesting, I thought about installing nextcloud already, but I like having these files on all my devices:

I want to listen to my music on my phone (offline) when I'm not home

I want to sync my music with my car radio running android which only rarely gets wifi: currently only for when I'm syncing, so it should also run offline

So currently I'm using syncthing to have all files be (often bidirectionally) distributed on all devices, because internet is rare or costly when you actually want to use something outside home.

However I'm a fan of nextcloud in general so I will still think of some other use case for using it. Currently I always ssh home to access files from my last PC backup if I need anything lol

@webfreak Nextcloud might not be the right solution for you - you CAN sync files for offline use. But at least on Android, Nextcloud squirrels them away somewhere that other Apps can't see them.

So you can't use an Android player for synced music.
And obviously, the plugins only work on the web portal.

@webfreak I have lots of problems with Nextcloud, but I think that's mostly because I want a NAS Web frontend, and it's a Cloud frontend.
( All files in Nextcloud are root only permissions, for one )

@webfreak But still, the web streaming music player works well for streaming music from my server to my laptop whenever I have Internet. Outside, or inside my network.

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