I made the most disgusting meal today 

I was having leftovers from yesterday, where I actually made some quite nice baked vegetables and delicious salmon.

I only had vegetables left so I thought: to warm it up I could just fry it in a pan, should work well enough and then have it with some rice.

Now it got all mushy. Additionally I thought I might need some sauce but I don't have anything here: screw it, just gonna add some soy sauce.

Now I had this monotonous mass of soy sauce vegetable mixture which at this point was just some pulp. Hey let's just add some chili sauce for taste!

I only had sushi rice left at home right now, which is pretty mushy in general. I'm not really a fan of this consistency for the whole meal but sometimes it can work alright. This time it didn't really help and just added to the monotonous mass. Also I forgot to add salt.

Blergh that didn't go well, next time I will just eat it cold from the fridge or use the microwave.

I feel bad because of it but not that bad mentally because I still ate it all

no matter how bad your food is, some chocolate afterwards will fix everything

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this is also why I prefer baking over cooking

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