why does this pop up whenever I am on google? There is no way I will click yes because there isn't even any reason why I would need DRM video support on a search engine

@Ste1lar hm extension maybe? I don't have that many though and all of them are pretty big and open source.

This also only happened after I deleted a lot of cookies and stuff from google.

@Ste1lar well it wasn't an extension and it seems to happen when google loads its big one file obfuscated JS file

soo I guess bug in firefox linked at the end in a thread on that toot.

@webfreak If you're concerned about DRM and the like, why are you still using Google? duckduckgo.com is probably a better homepage for you.

But that smells, yea. I don't show any media loaded when I go to the page, do you have some crap in your browser that might be injecting something?

@draeath I'm not using google regularly, I'm just sometimes doing some searches when I don't find anything on DDG, and that's when it pops up.

I find it highly dubious why it even pops up in the first place. The DRM after all is some proprietary binary blob which could run any code on my PC.

I will check if there are any extensions injecting anything into there.

@webfreak Firefox? The prompt is this: support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/e

This shouldn't pop up unless you've not enabled the feature *and* some media is requested in the browser that requires it.

@draeath looks like that bug. It's not the biggest problems because so far it only happens on google but it's still worrying why it even happens.

@webfreak If you get bored, hit F12 and look at all the resources the page loads. Maybe something will jump out at you?

@draeath so uh yeah I don't think that's so easy to debug unless I can replicate that outside of google which I don't really want to try right now lol

@webfreak There's code in there for the whole search UI, looks like, and I bet what you are seeing is related to the code used to render video result thumbnails.

Spotted this:


... and so on.

@draeath so do most people already have that enabled or why does that pop up only for so few?

@draeath I disabled all extensions and it still pops up.

It doesn't pop up when in private browsing mode though.

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