why can't we simply geo-tag our contact list on Android? Like just put in a pair of WGS 84 coordinates instead of some ambiguous address.

Map software could much more easily read out all contacts and offer simple options to navigate to them in the contacts list.

@NekoSock that looks good, the only thing I don't really like about it is that it looks a lot like zip codes in some countries (if written without the +), so it's hard to recognize it

2 float numbers are pretty easy to recognize though, even with variable separators.

However the concept and close proximity of similar codes is really cool

@webfreak somehow the map app on nextcloud does that for me

@dd map app in cloud data software? Wouldn't it be better to standardize and work on existing maps to support cool extra stuff?

@dd but what's the renderer? Or does it just provide geo uri links to open the contacts in your native app of choice?

@dd oh well it's not so important anyway :p

If I want to link my contacts with geo uris, I will do so myself on my linux phone when (if) it arrives.

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