wonder when my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit is going to arrive, got my J-Link EDU Mini now and would really want to give it a try making a simple clock run on it

@webfreak @PINE64 I wanna see that!
Sounds like you're doing some interesting things with #dlang on little things.

@s @PINE64 I have recently been trying out on AVR devices and basically everything just worked after a little bit of configuration. And of course rewriting the preprocessor macros. Still don't have a nice library solution for interrupt handlers but if you know how to create them, they work already.

PineTime runs on a Cortex-M processor so it's a lot more powerful and also a different architecture, but I think that will be quite fun to get working. Especially getting debugging to work then will be something cool.

Maybe this kind of stuff fits in a DConf talk as well? :p

See github.com/WebFreak001/avrd for my libc "port" for AVR

Also wiki.dlang.org/D_on_AVR

@webfreak Yeah I noticed your AVR work only yesterday and marked it as something to have a play with when I have a moment!

Especially since it was something I wanted to do myself anyway ( but no time, yanno ).

@webfreak D on embedded/PineTime is 100% a great DConf talk!!!

I'd love to see it and encourage you to submit it.

I don't know if you've done talks in the past, but I'd be happy to look over slides and advise if you end up doing it.

@s cool! I will come back to you when I got the hardware and have something working then :p

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