Guide to transform from color to color in monotonously colored images, in this example make a wood texture the same color as another one in GIMP: [1]

- First open both of your images as files
- Use the color picker tool (O) with "Sample average" enabled and set to something reasonably high to get the average color of your image
- Open your image you want to transform
- Add a layer with the average source color first
- Then add another layer with the replacement color next
- Set the replacement color layer blend mode to "Divide" [2]
- Click on your replacement layer and "Merge Down"
- Set the blend mode of the new merged layer to "Divide"
- done, you have now transformed your image from one color to another [3]

TIP: you can make your source image grayscale first to avoid hue issues and have a more uniform result if desired [4]

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@Ocean what i /really/ want is that wii play tank mini-game made into a full game, that thing’s dope

where are the major SuperTuxKart e-sports competitions at?

cool new German website:

I should maybe extend my tech blog too :p

I have obtained the exclusive rights for oxygen on mars, but I want to keep breathing affordable for everyone. Private individuals will have to only pay affordable $20/kg* of oxygen to breathe.

*taxes may apply

This toot is sponsored by your friendly mars exploration companies

Miku Expo 2020 in Amsterdam was fun

also Kapsalon best food

walnut in fruit ice cream is pretty nice

I just cooked a really nice soup for 2 hours and liked it so much that I burned the top of my mouth. Now I can't fully enjoy it anymore :(

I tried to get a stable sleep cycle and go to sleep at the same reasonable time each day so I could optimize my sleep to only 8 hours

didn't work that well so far

through a lot of hot glue and painfully small soldering, I have somehow connected my @PINE64 PineTime dev kit to my J-Link EDU Mini on a fairly stable piece of cardboard

charging is gonna be a problem, but I will worry about that when it's "time"

well resetting the database in lollypop fixed my problems so for now I will keep using it I think but I might switch to something less heavy eventually

starting today I'm officially fat

time to change to a more healthy lifestyle and less grabbing reduced burger king deals with long expired coupons (or just in general)

what (linux) music player does everyone use? Lollypop increasingly gets worse in recognizing my albums, missing many completely and fragmenting some in up to 6 times the same album

Maybe eventually gonna try Elisa but having problems with KDE icons being broken there right now

I really enjoyed ep 1 and 2 of RikeKoi, exactly fit my taste

...also using ubuntu in ep 1

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