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cool the profile status support multiple lines, so I can include my geek code

finding random mentions of my name from users in Japanese areas with "WebFreak san" feels pretty cool

void (*foo(const char *name))( void );


void function(void) foo(const(char)* name);

in readable form

is there any "Fast Food on Linux" chat group for FOSS imitations and reverse engineering of fast food apps for Linux phones? I would like to join it and contribute 2 projects lol

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if you need an open source alternative to the Burger King coupon app (in BG, CZ, AT, CH, DE, FI, NL, SE), try out my free and open source fully functional imitation of the android app:

I made it look so real like the original app, nobody will notice it's not the original (even the animations are implemented)

please no abuse! Use this for instance if you want to use the Burger King app on an unsupported phone like a Linux Phone

so the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch (nearly only locked with minimal apps) seems to run for around 6-8 hours on battery after full charge so far.

Not great but for just sometimes going out the house it's probably enough. The phone gets really warm even in idle so it probably wastes a lot of energy somewhere, which might be OS related. (also happened on postmarketOS though)

Ubuntu Touch definitely seems like the most daily-driver-ready OS for PinePhone right now. Only things that are issues for me right now:
- Timezone doesn't seem to be setting (seems to break clock app too)
- Mobile data (GSM) not working
- this probably also causes the GPS to not work
- You can make the display brightness way too dark (completely turn backlight off, so you can't see anything)
- Camera is broken

oh my! Just put in Ubuntu Touch (ubports) and the install experience is extremely fast and flawless and overall the whole phone seems really great now.

Just for this and the fact that there is hw-accel and the power & volume buttons work this seems really promising as daily driver. Need to use more to feel how hot it gets and stuff.

Also help: what's the default password? lol

also my PinePhone is my first device using USB-C, argh now I need so many adapters why couldn't they just use micro USB T_T

got my @PINE64 PinePhone today!

I must say I'm actually surprised how well this thing runs this early. Didn't test cameras or modem yet (don't seem to work in postmarketOS) but otherwise looks working nice. In the factory test OS audio speakers worked but not the headphones but idk if it's broken hardware or a broken test now.

Currently postmarketOS seems really solid on it with hw-accel and all-in-all pretty nice, however there is no power saving options (lock screen button doesn't work) and the phone gets really hot after a while.

So far I tried 3 different postmarketOS variations (phosh, plasma-mobile, sway) and they seemed to work well (well sway just booted and then I removed it again because I didn't have a keyboard anyway, but something like i3 on phone sounds cool) and a plasma-mobile build (official, not postmarketOS)

Always wanted to try ubuntu phone so I'm gonna try out ubports now too.

About the phone: it is a little bit heavy (more heavy than my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, even without battery) and the hw switches are basically impossible to adjust without a small needle or similar, which makes it a little inconvenient to toggle hardware on the go, but still cool that it's there. The touchscreen looks fancy.

I love the design of the phone, big blank back where you can just put a sticker on too.

if you take your phone to the toilet, you are a phone addict and I won't change my opinion of that

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