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I wanted to make pizza today and bought the ingredients

but when I came home I saw that the tomato sauce I bought was expired for 3 weeks already :(

well time to open it and check if it still might be good

which BBS is everyone logging in to these days?

Alice: I refuse, Rust has burnt me enough
Alice: (It managed to give me an emotional breakdown, that's how bad borrow checkers are for me)
Bob: oof
Bob: I should try it
Bob: sounds like a perfect language for people who hate themselves
Alice: It really is
Alice: unless you love conforming to very very strict rules
Alice: and don't want to have fun

Highly advanced AI based machine learning software update control

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when you look at your bank account and notice it's a power of two and even are amused by it, chances are you are a developer

or possibly just a minecraft player if you don't have a lot on it

I installed a sound theme and created udev rules to play sounds when plugging in USB devices

... btw I use arch

now all that is missing is playlist synchronization from Lollypop (which already supports it over USB) via wifi with syncthing, probably requiring a separate app to import as android standard music playlists and exporter on PC with Lollypop

I really like my music setup right now:
- first I purchase music as mp3 (amazon, google play, bandcamp, etc)
- then I sync it to phone, media server, backup server and even to car radio using syncthing (screenshot 1)
- I can play it on my PC using Lollypop and control playback from my phone using KDE Connect (screenshot 2) and because it's synchronized with my phone and car I can play it offline no problem using native apps (LineageOS "Eleven" here, screenshot 3)

everything and DRM-free!

this game was released 2004 but it feels like this future prediction is made just recently

also it's making me anxious now

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Symmetry Autumn of Code for the D programming language. #dlang

We are hiring mature hackers with a strong moral compass and an orientation towards excellence.

cool I found an old cookbook with cake recipes from 1994

Might digitize and bake some later

anyone got a good recipe for some salad?

@s I think for some reason your toots on this account aren't showing for me in browser or in app

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🎵 Join us now and share the sOwOftware 🎵

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