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millenials around me talking about fortnite skins

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explaining multithreading and shells to a fortnite player isn't easy

why is my age and gender REQUIRED?

why does my neocities page have 350 views

ubuntu is the best linux distro!!! :ubuntu:

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@igeljaeger @cdmnky
linux-videogame podcasts in a nutshell:

valve did a thing
codeweavers did a thing
haha windows
convention is coming soon (literally 8 months away)
we're gonna get game devs to adjust their workflow for proton soon*
*prob never

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linux podcasts in a nutshell:

KDE did a thing
GNOME did a thing
haha bug
convention is coming soon (literally 8 months away)
we're gonna get a foss phone soon*
*prob never

hey, my school
we don’t have a lot of money
we can save a lot of money if we didnt use office and adobe and replaced it with libreoffice, gimp, krita, etc
they’re also lighter on the systems we have! come on, its a win win!

and i have the same teacher that called my friend a nazi for going on pewdiepie’s socialblade!

yay i have computing next
where im taught all about how to use proprietary software like adobe and microsoft office :blobcatcoffee:

took like 5 minutes to send a dm on birdsite
but it look 3 seconds to load the timeline on masto
what the fuck

weird how i get more frames in tf2 at higher settings on linux compared to windows
its almost as if theres less overhead :thonking:

heres a cool little fact
if your product is dying or not selling well, giving it linux support will give it a new audience and if you’re the only product of it’s type to support linux well, expect a decent amount of sales
thanks amd :D

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