a not in service bus changed to say where my school is then took off without letting anyone on
are you fucking joking

notifications on mastodon in chrome on mobile are the way it should be on firefox
it just dims the music slightly until the notification sound is finished then puts the volume back

releasing you're growing up and responsibilities require more convenience than non-free software can handle
oh no my ethics :(

plug your phone into your pc with a cable that has both usb 3 and hdmi
steam picks it up as a vr headset
an app will pretend your phone is a vr headset
slide your phone into a google cardboard

*snapchat users*
yea i'm gonna put loads of fucking A's in front of my bestest friend even though snapchat doesn't sort alphabetically
yea i'm gonna use every single emoji on everyone's name
yea i'm finna send every single person on my contacts a fat S for streaks

wonder if anyone here would actually consider me their friend :blobthinking:

no twitch niggas, no snitch niggas

*locks phone*
*masto notification*
*music pauses*
guess i have to check my notifications haha oh cool my fingerprint isn't registering lemme type out 8 digits and probably fuck up somewhere

how to use switch pro controller on linux steam?


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every spanish song sounds fucking awful

spanish is a horrible language

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Anyway uh, if anyone is still confused on what's going on with "Mike" now and why "he" has a new account:

- I'm a girl
- I go by Ami now
- I'm trans
- I'm pretty sweet
- wao
- She/Her preferred

nintendo: yeah lets put money towards a usb 3.0 port on the switch dock but not actually support 3.0 speeds on the switch fw

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