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i made this by accident
it actually sounds really nice

whenever i read the word "gnome" as in "garden gnome", i say "guh'nome" as is GNOME the desktop environment

only good thing google ever created is aosp

now that i'm on an aosp rom withour all those facebook services and shit, my phone is blazingly fast

simple camera is the only camera on aosp that actually uses most of my camera resolution
open source on android really isnt that bad

i'm using root to try to delete the 3 facebook service apps preinstalled on my phone
guess what
they reinstall immediately after they get uninstalled because they're all keeping tabs on eachother

i will find you
and i will kill you, /casper/filesystem.squashfs

my dad's pc has a gtx 1060 3gb, amd fx 8350, 8gb of ram and a 256 gb ssd
it was £800

the system76 oryx pro has a gtx 1060 6gb, intel i7-7700hq, 8gb of ram and a 250gb m.2 ssd
it's £1000
when you add on the fact it comes with a 1080p ips display, keyboard, trackpack, webcam, microphone, speakers and 2 usb-c (or thunderbolt 3) ports that is a fucking steal

yo the new ubuntu looks pretty neato
but i'm not gonna install it until they supply a dark mode as standard

groundbreaking software development

groundbreaking software development

the whole idea of linux and floss is choice
you decide how your software looks
some people like full screen terminals, some people like pretty, colorful, animated interfaces (like me)

it's all subjective, stop telling me how i use MY devices and what i should use on MY devices

"animations are useless"
they can give good information about where stuff moves while also making the interface look nice

"why do you care so much about looks?"
because i'm on my computer and phone every day, i want it to at least be aesthetically pleasing and modern

"you use a desktop environment? use a fullscreen terminal like a normal person"
gnome is easy and quick for me and it does what i need it to
i use a terminal when a desktop just doesn't make sense for the task

don't give me shit because of what software i use or how i make my devices' software look visually

i left windows because i was sick of being forced to use certain software with certain visual styles and i don't want to come here only to be pushed around telling me what to use even more

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i honestly get really hyped when a aaa game is on linux

oh, also, mad max is awesome and it's on linux