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The full movie list of the annual anime festival has been published, so it's time to pick the ones to watch on the big screen:

- ❌ Haikyuu!! 4 <- Sequel
- ❌ Haikyuu!! 3 <- Sequel
- ❌ Yowamushi Pedal <- Sequel
- ❌ Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine <- Sequel
- ❓ Birthday Wonderland <- Russian designs, looks like a tame version of Alice in Wonderland
- ❓ Fuse: Teppou Musume no Torimonochou <- Samurai, historical
- ❌ Free! Road to the World <- Sequel
- ❌ Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Kingdom <- Sequel
- ❌ Gekijouban High School Fleet <- Sequel
- ❓ Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl <- Sequel, the only one I consider watching the TV show for
- ✅ Children of the Sea <- Studio 4C

One ticket I'll be getting for sure, can't decide on the second one.

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Meh, it seems the majority of devices available via this port are a certain TP-Link router mostly encountered in eastern-european countries. That will make more exhaustive scans far more annoying.

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I've spent a few hours mapping out Gopherspace using Shodan, my best query so far (in terms of signal-noise ratio) is "port:70 \t", others worth trying are "port:70 gopher" and "port:70 70". I did it for two reasons, to find new spaces and figure out what else is listening on that port. Here's my insights so far:

- offers Gopher over TLS for some reason, with a cute fallback message
- Some BBSes offer Gopher
- Annoyingly some servers use copious amount of ANSI escapes, including but not limited to BBSes
- Other services listening on that port are HTTP, SSH, CimFax (a Chinese fax solution?) and "VMware Authentication Daemon"

The Christmas Islands sure are a weird place. Here's a short list of its almost pokemon-like inhabitants:

- Red-footed boobies: A bird with huge red feet and a face painted in every single color
- Christmas swallowtail: A butterfly looking metal as fuck
- Coconut crab: A huge crab that likes to eat everything, including coconuts and red-footed boobies (RIP)
- Yellow crazy ant: A particularly antsy species that moves around in particularly crazy patterns

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Somehow missed this long article about the blockchain cruise when it came out, but I guess it's as timeless a piece of journalism as any.

> Another alternative design for Base32 is created by Douglas Crockford, who proposes using additional characters for a checksum.[9] It excludes the letters I, L, and O to avoid confusion with digits. It also excludes the letter U to reduce the likelihood of accidental obscenity.

Accidental obscenities are the best kind.

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In few years I might be able to write a short book of only "DO NOT DO THAT" sysadmin sentences that actually happened.

Finally switched the jacket for a parka as temperatures went below zero. That leaves the scarf or some equivalent functional wear.

I went to a Fink concert today. It was alright. I used the chance to test special earplugs suitable for loud music today, without them I'd have walked out half deaf. Definitely worth the investment, even if I rarely get to use them.

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trains are predestined to be driven by computers, they basically are already. switches are generally controlled remotely, not by the driver, except sometimes on trams. on high speed lines, signals are being transmitted into the cockpit instead of standing beside the track. pretty much all a train driver has to do nowadays is operate the throttle/brakes and sometimes the doors correctly, and there are systems in place that prevent them from fucking that up. compare that with the huge machine learning with captchas clusterfuck that are computer-driven road vehicles

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I suspect most hackers^Winfosec professionals can't program. Observe:

$ theharvester -b -d # errors out
$ theharvester -d -b google # works

Discovered from

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hot take 

I'd rather see server- than client-side analytics. There are many reasons for it:

- Not nearly as privacy invading
- Easy to combine with server-side logic, therefore greater insights gained you can actually use to improve your application
- Lightweight
- Invisible to the user
- Impossible to block
- Doesn't ruin UX

It does exist in a few forms already:

- Web server logs and analysis tools
- Structured logs
- Application agents collecting information for further analysis by a third party, like crash/performance/fraud/security analysis

The biggest argument against it is that it requires extra effort and design on the developer side, agents tend to be like an implant doing who knows what with your code (like polluting backtraces). Other arguments involve that you don't see as much as with client-side analytics, but I believe it's more than offset by the knowledge your application has. What's your opinion on this topic?

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