The Christmas Islands sure are a weird place. Here's a short list of its almost pokemon-like inhabitants:

- Red-footed boobies: A bird with huge red feet and a face painted in every single color
- Christmas swallowtail: A butterfly looking metal as fuck
- Coconut crab: A huge crab that likes to eat everything, including coconuts and red-footed boobies (RIP)
- Yellow crazy ant: A particularly antsy species that moves around in particularly crazy patterns

It's all EPUBs, even the manga included in the bundle. This means you can comfortably read them inside Emacs if that's your thing:

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graphical, blood 

Final episode features the glass stairs, it represents the protagonist's idea of love, a delicate and inherently painful feeling. I remember mentioning it to @pry before and it still makes as much of an impression to me as it did fifteen years ago, back when reading the manga for the first time.

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I still haven't got one of these fashionable accessories.

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When you're in a terribly boring meeting and want to rock out to a nice tune, but can't.

This is how hell looks according to orthodox Romanians.

selfie, eye contact 

You may not like it, but this is how a player looks like relaxing after two days of hacking.

more street art 

Not as much as in my hometown, but I like it. The cute animal sticker was a recurring one, another candidate I forgot shooting was a pig with hypnotoad eyes.


I got these two with passion fruit and mango cream, later a pistachio one. The fruity ones had an overly intensive taste, pistachio was excellent.

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I really like those 90ies haircuts. It's been a while since I've done a cinemagraph.

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I can almost tell what movie spoof this is supposed to be.

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Video Girl Ai summarized in a sentence. Bonus: 90ies Anime bokeh.

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I didn't expect to like poppy pancakes, but here we are. They have a hint of banana flavor, too.

I can't even imagine a context where this would be a reasonable thing to say in Russian. What's your true motive, Duolingo :blobcatthinkingglare:


Kennt ihr diese Art von Ampelknopf die keinen beweglichen Knopf hat und eher mühselig ausgelöst werden kann? Ich habe heute jemanden beobachtet wie er den bestens getarnten Knopf an der Unterseite dieser Fehlkonstruktion drückte. Daumen hoch für den Erfinder.

The Video Girl Ai OVA has rather peculiar fan service where we see the heroïne portrayed as a gojira-esque creature.

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