So, someone on the channel asked about an encrypted P2P chat. I searched around a bit, then remembered how easy it is to chat with friends using netcat:

while true; do nc -lvp 12345; done # server
nc 12345 # client

I've then invited the chat to give me a shout. For the longest time nothing happened. Then some comments on how weird this is. Someone piping a binary into the chat. Someone else the output of `yes`. Finally, a copy-paste fail from an ERC user. I stopped at that point, but like the idea.

The best part of this is that it's stupidly simple. Want encryption? Use `openssl s_client`. Want logging? Pipe into `tee -a $(date +%F)`. File transfers? Just cat the file into your client. If you enjoy this, chances are you'll like to play Pixelflut at your closest hackerspace or conference.

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