> Once we are done with this we expect X.org to go into hard maintenance mode fairly quickly. The reality is that X.org is basically maintained by us and thus once we stop paying attention to it there is unlikely to be any major new releases coming out and there might even be some bitrot setting in over time. We will keep an eye on it as we will want to ensure X.org stays supportable until the end of the RHEL8 lifecycle at a minimum, but let this be a friendly notice for everyone who rely the work we do maintaining the Linux graphics stack, get onto Wayland, that is where the future is.


@wasamasa Finally. Of all the things holding Unix back, X has been one of the biggest, I am pretty sure.

@WAHa_06x36 I just hope it won't be a Canonical moment forcing them to reconsider their decision.

@wasamasa users don't care X or wayland - i'm waiting for the torrent of bugs in wayland when its forced on ppl.

@dekkzz78 It's already happening. A colleague debugged why screen sharing wouldn't work, only to discover that Fedora seamlessly switched to Wayland. Their work on Pipeway should fix that, but it will take time.

@wasamasa yeah screen sharing for remote diagnostics is one hole in wayland atm although it's either patched or about to be patched.

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