@Drops I would organize a #scheme and #lisp assembly again at #35c3, if I manage to secure a ticket. #emacs users are welcome.

@alexshendi Did you manage to get a ticket? Will there be a lispers assembly?

@Drops I managed to get a ticket. So I will be attending #35c3. Should I register a #lisp assembly? I have already joined the #BSD assembly, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Who else is interested?

/Cc @wasamasa @ckeen

@Drops @ckeen @alexshendi I'm in, however this won't be the only assembly I'll attend.

@wasamasa @alexshendi @Drops I'll stick at the lebkuch.is assembly this time. We can arrange for some session though.

@ckeen @wasamasa @alexshendi If most of you are involved with other assembllies anyways, then I would like to set up an Emacs assembly, and explicitly welcome all schemers and lispers.

@ckeen @alexshendi @wasamasa I would absolutely love a Vim assembly nearby. If there is one place to end the editor war, than it shall be the #35c3

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