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Time for .

I'm a software engineer who went from backend to frontend development. I enjoy most, but have dabbled in too many to list. I speak 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇷🇺. Things fascinating me:

- japanese and soviet-era culture

Today I attended the first day of an on-site sprint session and doodled lots of designs. One exercise was about coming up with many design variations.

Naturally I went for the standard things, with one exception: A sign up form with a "Generate password" link. I'd implement it with a bit of JavaScript and ensure the result follows the password strength rules. Tell me Fediverse, why isn't this a common thing yet?

The feel when you stopped using your in-ears for over a month, put them in again and the music feels far too loud because you finally gave your ears their well deserved rest.

I'm finally part of the bent smartphone club. It's fascinating how the screen takes the curvature like a champ.

Maybe I should switch back to my old one.

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#CHICKEN #Scheme 5.0.0 release candidate 1 is now available!

Major changes:
- core modules layout
- full numeric tower support by default
- declarative packaging system
- deployment as static binaries has been made super easy (just a build switch)
- reproducible builds, for CHICKEN itself and any code built with it!

More info here: lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/

Full list of changes here: code.call-cc.org/dev-snapshots

Download it here: code.call-cc.org/dev-snapshots

#lisp #chickenscheme #release

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Wish you could see an instance’s local timeline without having to create an account on there? @KevinMarks made a tool to do just that unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto

> If you have never encountered this sequence before I suggest to stop and think for a bit how a formula for its sum is derived. Solution’s simplicity and elegance might provide a welcomed retreat from fighting Webpack configs. The Prince of Mathematics Carl Friedrich Gauss managed to figure it out when he was 8 - though obviously we would never know what he would do facing modern JavaScript ecosystem.


> Be me
> Spray water around at 38°C
> See angry black-yellow striped insect slowly flying towards unused hand
> It looks like a rocket trying to land on a planet
> It actually stings me in my palm
> During take-off it rips its butt off
> I immediately pull out its needle by its torn off butt

Next time I'll use Za Warudo on you, winged asshole.

I wonder whether this company is the butt of every joke.

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Hey Fediverse, ever wondered how to get a radfem girlfriend? I think I finally figured it out, purely by accident:

1. Get invited to a (birthday) party of someone who's into non-conservative politics
2. Talk with lots of people they know for that reason

I dreamed of playing chess. I don't even like chess. However, it was a revelation as I finally figured out why:

- Chess is ultimately a war game. You're expected to lead an army, most of it will die, but it doesn't matter as long as you take your opponent's king hostage
- You can't save everyone. Every piece except one can be traded or sacrificed
- It's unclear how the midgame looks like, there's too much of a search space. Eventually you're left with bits of your army and try to win with that

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I remember an old Byte Magazine article proclaiming "Don't mode me in!", about the then-revolutionary Smalltalk GUI environment compared to the then-in-vogue text UIs that locked you into specific modes of input.

Am reminded a lot of that article when working with old-school Unix/Linux stuff. :P

Found a PDF copy floating online tech-insider.org/star/research ... it goes into a lot more detail on Smalltalk than I remember about the mode stuff, but it's all good stuff. :D

I quite dig this style, luscious thick outlines that may have been made in Inkscape. Do you know of any more manga like that? These panels are from Soil, a mystery story about a quiet village where everyone pretends to be normal, scanlated by the legendary Kotonoha and Hox.

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