@vsc where did you get the case? I've been looking for something just like that

@woodcat it's the tofu from kbdfans kbdfans.com/collections/case/p

I was trying to get a cheaper one from sentraq, but the guy who runs it hates shipping things and REALLY hates replying to emails :blob_cry:

@vsc they must have added that since I bought my last kit, I've been using the tada68. it's amazing aside from the fact that it's weirdly buggy... for some reason it will randomly stop working or it will freeze and keep sending the same keypress to the computer non-stop. I have to unplug it and plug it back in, but thankfully it's not too constant and hasn't ever happened during a game (which I honestly find oddly coincidental)

@woodcat that's super weird, I used an anne pro for a while and had similar issues but that board felt like it was barely held together anyway. It was like it had to take a second to catch up to what you were inputting haha.

@vsc it makes me wonder what I really want to do for my next one. the tada 68 build quality is very good

@woodcat I'm honestly considering a 40% build, but no idea if it'll be a minivan or something else

mainly just want a dedicated input for my rpi that won't take up much space (and obv something else to spend too much money on)

@sjw all together about $200, but I got the pieces over time so it wasn't too bad

@sjw ...unfortunately :blob_grinning_sweat:

@vsc I know that feel. I've got close to $1,000 worth of keyboards. Most people just don't understand.
The worst part is that once you go mechanical you can't go back. Rubber domes just feel gross, the key caps feel bad and wrong, and you can't type worth shit.
It kind of sucks that you have to spend $100+ on a keyboard and you can't just get a $10 keyboard from Best Buy, you have to bring you're own keyboard to work, you're self conscious about the noise you're making while typing, etc.
Still, it's a way better typing experience.

@sjw @vsc

don’t let yourself feel self conscious about your typing noise

your typing is beautiful and so are you 🤗

@VD15 @fluffy @sjw
>not carrying physical input devices with you everywhere

@vsc @fluffy @sjw
>Not having telekenetic computer interfaces implanted into your brain

@VD15 @sjw @vsc

not using an electron microscope to write snarky replies on the fediverse

nigger please

@fluffy @sjw @vsc
>Not using a private particle accelerator to write toots on the moon

@sjw yeah, only keyboard I can really stand to use aside from mechs now is my x220s keyboard, but that's mostly due to the absolutely based trackpoint

also re: work
I wish I could replace all my work keyboards with mechs but I have three different computers I switch between :blobcatangry:

@sjw @vsc pity the reviews say the trackpoint on that kb is godawful

been thinking about getting one

meta key next to the space bar instead of alt is a little triggering tho ngl

@fluffy @sjw there are also Tex ones too, but haven't looked too much into them

@fluffy @sjw @vsc the meta key *is* alt, the one with the logo on it is the super key
@sjw @vsc
>self conscious about the noise you're making
Bring your keyboard and a typewriter to work. Set the typewriter off to the side and use your keyboard. No one will think to complain about the keyboard noise.

@sjw TFW you are still using sub $10 chinese keyboard :blobderpy:

>65% keyboard
Bet you can't do Alt+numpad commands on that.

@camedei456 oh I can... after going through three mod layers :blobcatnotlikethis:

@vsc ok super slick keeb and all, but we're going to have to talk about those Razer headphones... >.>

@wizard my weakness to cute is more affecting than my need for good audio :blob_cry:
but tbh I am looking for new cans anyway since those are backups

@vsc If in doubt, remember that Mio wore the AKG q701s! I think that makes them automatically cute. You can get the AGK K702 for cheaper and it'll be better for like $230, extremely solid audio recommended. They're best paired with an amp, but still good on their own though.

Also massdrop sells a modified version every once and a while called the K7xx which is the same thing except $200.
@RafiX @vsc They've been the only pair of headphones I've owned for about 5 years now, they're pretty boring in terms of audio quality but they're extremely good for audio production due to their neutral and flat sound signature.

Recently, I did a bass mod on them by removing a sticker that covered the bass holes, which warmed them up and livened up the whole sound a lot. I recommend them with it, since it is a bit hard to hear the lower end anyway, even if you're producing.
@wizard @vsc I just like the aesthetic, and I was sure audio quality is nice

I'd probably won't get any other headphone while my Sennheisers HD201 are still working
@RafiX @vsc The 201s might last you a long time, but the k702 would be a huge upgrade if you're interested.

Also they're pretty huge irl the aesthetic isn't *that* great but you get cute points anyway since mio wore them. You'll likely never get away with wearing them outside :P

@wizard @RafiX I often fantasize about flexing autism irl though, I kept trying to convince my gf that it wouldn't be *that* weird to bring my x220 eGPU set up with me when we went to go get coffee...
...one day

@RafiX @vsc The only things to watch out for with these:
The adjustment slider is made of flimsy plastic and snaps pretty quickly. It's not that big of a deal though since they fit all the same after that.

After 3-5 years of use, the wires that connect the wire to the speakers might break off of the leads, requiring a resolder. It's an easy fix though.

I recommended them to a friend but he thought they sounded terrible since he was used to bass-heavy closed back headphones. These are not the ones to get if you want that. These have an extremely open and surgical sound.

@wizard honestly feel like you just saved my life... despite being really invested in music and shit for years I'm kinda rarted when it comes to audiophile stuff, but then again most of what I listen to sounds like it was recorded in a tin can

@vsc A few years ago, I got really into music production, bought FL Signature edition, a midi keyboard, but still didn't have the audio.

I couldn't use monitors since my room had awful acoustics, plus they're expensive, so headphones were my only option and I was on a tight budget.

So I read lots of reviews and this is where I ended up. I don't know if I could recommend them to any old audiophile, since they really aren't fun or special, but if you do music and you don't want to spend millions of bucks on something (I'm sure there are better options for more money), this is probably it up to the $400 range.

Although, after getting some higher quality headphones, you might cringe after hearing some of your old mixes :^)

@wizard I already cringe at my mixes, but it's intentional :ablobslurp:

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