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videos games makes you a bottom

i don't make the rules

Your Name but it plays September from Earth, Wind and Fire at that moment

le rush a des passages sans son

le juge propose de regarder la video sur youtube :blobwoah:

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les journalistes quotidien qui formattent la clé usb en format propriétaire mac avant de la donner au juge :blobthinkingdown:

Got the librem5 batch pick email

Sadly, no Fir available in the list, still included it in my preference because I can live at least one more year with my current phone and I'd rather have a polished product

I just googled "how much would it cost to make the earth axis vertical"

blame my ocd

my mother sent me a certificate stating she has a genetic and hereditary disease that I have great chance to have to

how's your day going ?

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for those who didn't went on twitter for a while : it didn't get any better

sysadmin broke the wan access to servers again

always code like your child is going to have to maintain it

wait poland is not russian anymore my joke is ruined

i made my pillow listen to hardbass and it's now a dakimakurwa and it ate all my mayonaise

just exaggerate every slight feeling, writing it in all caps doesn't make you seem like a sensible human but a sociopath in disguise

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