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reminds me of how were pictured hackers in the 20's

if you wear a hoodie and type on keyboard with a masked voice, you're a hacker


why would you debate if you don't want to change your opinion

I'm a sexy french maid and by that I mean I'm just doing the chores in pajamas

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La phylogénie et la bioingérie « traditionnelle » des levures pour expliquer l'origine des cookies ?

C'est gourmand croquant maintenant le #rgpd ಠಿ_ಠ

Tu crois que Libé ils font du Crispr de cookies du coup

Image et schéma par Jawad Sakarchi

imagine the harvest on the first of december :ablobsurpriseblush:

there's no way to gift a download only nintendo game (like you would do with steam)


But I probably love you because you're cute

I hate small talk, that's probably why I dislike social activities

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Solidaires Informatique appelle à la grève le 5 décembre (et au delà) tou⋅te⋅s les travailleur⋅euse⋅s de l'informatique, pour lutter contre la réforme des retraites et construire un autre avenir tou⋅te⋅s ensemble.

✊ ✊🏻 ✊🏼 ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿

#5decembre #retraites #GrèveGénérale

If you ever spill crêpe dough on your twingo floor mats, use hot water with laundry soap and a brush, works perfect

I reinstalled osu and played a bit after 4 years break
And I had a lot of fun

just watched hardcore henry

watch it

Restarted my router, it has an update might fix it idk

same results on mobile, issue is indeed with my ISP, everything beside youtube and steam are capped to 4mbps

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