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if I buy lockpicking tools for valentine is it a redflag or

reading metamorphosis

wait this ain't kafka

you could buy an RX 5700 XT for 500€

Or buy a second hand 1080 Ti for 400€ with better performance, more VRAM and run it on water

and by sherlock, I mean looking at raw tables and filling the missing foreign key manually to the correct owner

fun times
also I can tell you, keep all your corporate emails, they might help you as a backup

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Dear diary,
Today I migrated my prod DB too soon and had to Sherlock the data back together

got a decent workaround by installing arch wsl and wsltty because default windows wsl terminal isn't handling copy without adding silly trailing whitespaces

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I have a soft spot for extreme g ost

the only slightly uncomfortable is migrating the production database, it is not streamlined

I wish I could just migrate the db using the CLI directly and not use another tool with a temporary configuration or using generating wacky sql scripts

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trying the single file, self contained executable release with netcore

it's very cool, your app is just an executable, no external dependency, just an OS to run the executable and you're done

aaaaaand it's shit because of corporate proxy not supported in gpg

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arch is not /officially/ supported on WSL

keep this in mind, pretty sure I'll come back to it and say "fuck it, I'll install alpine instead"

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git bash also use mintty but it's the pc-msys version instead of the cygwin version

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the fact that the changelog for mintty 3.X.X mention handling of special global key in windows cygwin makes me anxious about a possible breaking change in my use case

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still on my BS with wrong keycode being sent over ssh

git bash with ssh over cygwin works fine but not mintty with ssh over cygwin so I suspect the issue to be coming from mintty

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trying to search solved issues with wrong keycode ([[^D) but github sanitize every special character without any way to escape it

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