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|It looks l|
|ike you're|
| trying to|
| defy God |
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GB Studio: open source and easy to use retro adventure game creator


@olimex is selling the first commercially available FreedomBox. In other words, they are selling the ability to democratize the internet. #BeAPioneer and buy a #FreedomBox today.


Can someone tell me if they know researchs about "electronic but with only easy to obtain materials"?

Like only silicium/common metals/easily recyclable stuff...

Interested to know how a tiny community can fulfill its electronics needs without relying on big international imports (sort of impossible if you're an individual / without relying on a big company)

Boost? :3

pleroma but without the a so it's just plerom (boosts ok)

Hey guys is there a recording of the Peterson vs. Zizek debate? :blobeyes:

I refreshed the feeds but there are no new youtube videos :blobsad: :blobdead:

ActivityPub-based torrent tracker make it happen

While I find the use of proprietary communication services like Discord in FOSS projects concerning, I also get it. You have to reach the non-FOSS-aware audience somehow; it's unlikely that most people will be willing to make an XMPP or whatever just to get support/community. They're more likely to just use a proprietary alternative that takes less effort.

the scuttlebug of elevation has visited you!

boost him in the next 13 hours, or else you'll never be able to elevate ever again

tell me about something you're excited about or interested in? @ everyone

Like this post and I'll probably do nothing tbh

Thinking about starting up a new Morrowind playthrough once OpenMW 0.46 comes out. Anyone know of any good hunger/thirst mods that work with OpenMW? Preferably with Frostwind, too.

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