@pry @koyu something along the lines of "I want mandatory retirement for politicians over 70"

thanks steam, I didn't want to play that game anyways

users: can we have thumbnails in the file picker?

[15 years later]

gnome devs:

ahh yes, the one true operating system: Minecraft

I just got JACK to work, now I can act as if I know how audio works

@nonetrix someone who wants to tell you about a free csgo key giveaway

@lumi wouldn't "lost in several parentheses" fit better?

@nonetrix have you tried twidere? It's primarily a twitter client but also supports mastodon

you know what's cool? Not being able to reproduce a crash when the debugger is attached

@nonetrix yeah it's only good until you need something that's not in the default repositories

@nonetrix seems like you hate the package manager and not the distro

finally got the visualizer working with obs internal audio sources

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