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how do i break it to my parents that i'm snogging a gamer

I learned web development in the early days (long before GitHub) with the "View source" button. The trend of generated class-names makes me sad...

The world would be a better place if people stopped generalising other people.

It’s a lazy conclusion, even if we’re basing it on statistics. The statistics might be based on bias as well.

Treat people like people. Regardless of their gender, race, religion or choice of editor

In 2018, I made my computer take a screenshot of my GitHub profile each day. Here's the result as a timelapse.

Yo I played this game earlier, it's an MMO where you play as a curator of your own personal museum gallery.

I loved it.

People say Asians all look alike, they should see free software nerds.

for the record if you have an open source project

and tell people to get support on slack

you dont support open source


Finally got my ass around to configuring and using dwm (& st). I have them both pretty much exactly as I want them now, after a fair amount of effort.

Full size:

It doesn't make sense to simultaneously speak out against Apple for their complete control over what users can and cannot do on their devices, and praise them for revoking Facebook and Google's enterprise licenses used to implement deeply disturbing surveillance programs.

Both are wrong. Facebook and Google shouldn't be doing what they're doing, and users should be able to opt out of Apple being the gatekeeper for their devices. Consequently, Facebook and Google should be able to run whatever apps they want on their own devices without Apple's blessing.

fiiiinally just got round to deleting my google account


shall i compare thee to a summers day?

you are hot

if i press the power button my computer should turn 100% off okay

im not using it myself i promise

helping a relative

hahaha i did isabelle backwards

im funny

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !