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@matt on a more serious, i like a lot of what youve just said, but i think that the most important aspect of the king james is that it was in english. i dont know how thatd fit into the analogy, but it was only by enforcing it as the correct interpretation that the english version got any real uptake.

thats how i see it anyway. i dont think the great bible or the bishop bible got pushed as much, which meant that priests could continue to keep bollocking their congregations.

@matt yes but kjv must be the right bible version

because in the musical joseph has a coloured coat

and kjv is the only one where his coat is coloured

therefore it cant not be the most accurate

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Zelda is a legend in the traditional sense: every Zelda game is a retelling of the same folk tale, passed down through the generations in a society without a written history. Details are lost, forgotten, mixed up or intentionally changed, depending on who's doing the telling, but the core of the story remains the same. This is the only canonical connection between any two Zelda games.

this is gonna be my new aesthetic

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the moon is my girlfriend and her craters do not make her any less beautiful

@BalooUriza i mean depending on which bit of the unix philosophy youre applying, "text streams" or "one thing well",,,,

id say that maybe vi fits into the latter, but a large amount of vim users wouldnt manage in vi

but yeah, not following unix isnt necessarily a bad thing , and vim definitely doesnt.

@DashEquals @stolas mainly i want a high character count and not an anime focus (i havent been able to contact some people because niu is blocked because anime )

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patch.cx and lambda.fun both look quite nice

there are lots of reasons why youd use vim

but "it follows the unix philosophy" is not one of them

patch.cx says it has a 100000 character limit, so im interested

want to join a pleroma instance

any recommendations

@jalcine is qt/qml cpp based?

asking only because ive had issues compiling c++ stuff on arm devices before, and i think that its important that arm computers can be self hosting

(even if the majority of people use choss compiled binaries)

correct me if im wrong, or if things have changed! :)

@Bitshift no its fine - i also like discussing things :cookieqt:

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@Bitshift good point

what i was getting at is that a program in lua should for most tasks be fast enough, the difference is negligible so writing c isnt important.

but also, with things like concurrency which its more difficult to do in c, efficient interpreted languages should be getting faster

and this paper comes to mind: <iaeng.org/IJCS/issues_v32/issu>

but yes, my comment was a bit flippant. thanks for putting me straight

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