if you say you adhere to the unix philosophy but use two in one shampoo you're a fake

i like light color scheme please dont hurt me

@emsenn normally i prefer for power to turn it off, and this is the behaviour i had on obsd.

i installed manjaro as i needed some software that wasnt on obsd and the installation is trivial, and the default was this popup behaviour, which i could put up with as i dont use it much

but the fact that the behaviour isnt consistent really irritates me

i felt kinda meh about manjaro until now

but i just pressed the power button on the locked screen and it powered off

when unlocked it pops up a dialogue which is what i wanted (to suspend)

its a little thing but less than zero respect now for manjaro

@BrightOne ah, fair enough. forgot about the media tab

i dont post many images, or any terminal screenshots. might do that one day, if theres a market 😉

@wolfensen yes, duolingo didnt work for me, and i didnt appreciate the spam

might have a go at some course like that, sounds kinda like school which isnt a bad thing ;)

@piggo i meant any foreign languages you happened to know, i like learning languages but find it difficult

spoken languages not computer languages

thanks ill check these out though

@BrightOne all my posts from 235 days ago , just wondered how you found them

@philip i think i might have done

you wouldnt know english is my mother tongue

David: *plays a secret chord*
The Lord: “Damn son where’d you find this?”

im curious how do people languages?

especially if they do it without using duolingo

is there any libre service to help ?

Music recorded on vinyl records is a gas because it expands to fill its container.

Change my mind.


This is a growing movement, with children from over thirty towns across the #UK participating and the union of headteachers supporting it. Every day we hear more reports about climate and ecology -related disasters, the origins of which are man-made, the consequences of criminal responsibility on the part of countless so-called ‘grown-ups’. Young people are standing up and saying enough is #enough.


#RebelForLife #ClimateJusticeNow

No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

What is the point in having an #RSS feed of you only put the first paragraph in?

I’m looking at you, OMG!Ubuntu! and It’sFOSS.

That shit really grinds my gears.

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