in case you are interested here is the design

i dont know about anyone else but i dont like this

(wikipedia page on most popular websites)

discord really pulling out all the stops on the guilt tripping

yes "everything" is when a big company publishes data about its users' listening habits

what's the likelihood that these are made up stats?

finally a selection of my favourite languages

plz appreciate my work xoxo

i nicked the apple sticker off someone who paid for apple shit
also harvest moon is the best game on every platform it's on (up to the ds ones imo)

here are some more

I didn't make the sun one I got that free somewhere

also yes I do use neovim inside of Emacs fight me

I made same cute stickers for my laptop because fuck me if I'm paying 2 quids for a glider sticker

Well if this isn't quality web design I don't know what is

...That's totally a bowtie that doesn't render on android :(

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